Monday, March 17, 2008

Teaching The Mind A Trick Or Two During Sleep

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Utilize The Time Spent During Sleep Too, For Self-Development

You can try this experiment yourself. In your household, when a family member goes to sleep or is taking a nap, just sit not very far from them, and may be read a passage from some storybook. Or talk loudly enough (a soliloquy if there is nobody to share this experiment with you), for a few seconds, on a subject that you know the sleeper holds dear.

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While you are performing your act, the words you utter are falling in the sleeper's ears, and from there on, flowing through to their brain. Since the alert, judgmental, questioning, defensive conscious is deep in sleep, the words have no trouble in seeping quietly, drip, drip, drip, into the subconscious; the subconscious that is always awake, always alert, and always receiving signals from the senses. If you are perceptive, you will notice a change in the sleeper's eyelid movement and their breathing rhythm. This is a sure-shot signal that your words have gone in.

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When the sleeper wakes up, they may not realize that they were guinea-pig to your experiment. But whatever words you said, would have an impact on their thinking process. Try it! Never fails to work!

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It is this simple technique that the myHelpHub people have deployed in a set of CDs (16, per the latest count). Priced at five cents less USD 120 (for downloaded version), the audio sessions last about one hour each. Cut away the usual marketing hype on the site's page, and you see that these recordings do exactly this: program your mind, or rather the subconscious component. And since you are controlling what your subconscious is receiving, and since what it is receiving pertains to a plane of your existence where you need the positive reinforcement the most, you benefit at the end of the exercise.

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You too could do it yourself, no? Them recordings? So then, why pay these guys for the sessions? Actually, it is both the quality of the content and the quality of the recording that matters here.

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Go through the site. Here is the link:

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Go to sleep. Teach the mind a trick or two. And awaken to say hello to the true you.

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