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Effect On Fetus' Brain Of Eating Fish During Pregnancy

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Fish Have Essential Nutrients, But Beware Of Mercury Levels

A recent press release quotes a study conducted by a team of "respected" scientists from Harvard and the University of Michigan on the impact of fish intake during pregnancy on children's academic performance. (The quotes around the word 'respected' are mine; wonder if not using the adjective makes the study or the people behind it any less credible? Ask the press release writer! Here is the release.)

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The study is available online here: . This study seeks to qualify an advisory issued by the FDA way back in March 2001, on the presence of Methyl Mercury in fish, and its harmful effects on the fetus if consumed during pregnancy. For the study has concluded that children of mothers who consumed canned tuna at least twice in a week performed better on cognitive tests before they reached their third birthday.

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Though very welcome, this news must be treated with caution. The study does not give a green signal to consume any and all kinds of fish during pregnancy. The study in fact reinforces the document already put out by the USEPA here:

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While eating good food that strengthens the child's brain to perform well, always nurturing good, positive thoughts in the mind during pregnancy strengthens the child's psyche and emotional structure to face life more wholesomely. Here is one post that dwells on this aspect.

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