Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Britney's See-Saw Between Sanity And Mental Illness

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Teacher One Day, In The Psychiatry Ward The Next

It was almost a year ago that this blog had advocated meditation and self-hypnosis for Britney to accelerate her comeback plan. That was the time when she was on the verge of releasing her next music album.

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The album bombed, however. And the girl's condition has gotten from bad to worse. (It is obvious that she is not subscribing to this blog!) It was fairly clear that she was heading for psychiatric attention. She called it post-partum depression, but now the current thinking is that it is a case of post-traumatic stress disorder. And of course, if we reflect on her past few years, we can see that the downhill actually started the day she texted the infamous SMS to her husband, informing him of divorce after his extramarital fling came to light.

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In the one silver lining in this sad saga, Britney was invited by Robert Baker, Director of the Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood, California, to teach a dance class for one hour last Monday. And surprise of pleasant surprises, she wowed her students with her very professional teaching style and the special warmth with which she handled the between four- and seven- year-olds.

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In the backdrop of news that people are prepping her obituary, this indeed is good news - it gives a peek behind the facade that her apparently huge stock of tinted goggles try to hide: that of a 26-year old human being, a person who is yet to begin living life normally, a girl who is still searching for the right man, and a mother who loves her kids enough to crave for their custody.

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I had recommended meditation and self-guided hypnosis for Britney. I would also prescribe a year spent away from public glare and paparazzi. Don't drool over her pictures and don't take sadistic pleasure in her activities, folks. For her sake, for the sake of her two kids and for the sake of decency in public life, let us leave her alone.

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[Of the various personalities that Britney has been compared with, there is one personality with whom comparing Britney's makes for a very interesting study. And that is Mrs. Hillary Clinton! There is an uncanny resemblance between these two contemporary individuals in the relationship department. They both have gone through some very dark and multi-colored hues that the yin and yang have to offer. Here is the article that performs and ponders upon this comparison: "The Road To Denver Is Lonely". Read and reflect!]

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