Sunday, January 06, 2008

Decide To Remain Happy

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The Best New Year Resolution That You Can Have!

Come the first of January, and we all follow the ritual of making New Year resolutions. It is a pattern that we learn from our childhood, after observing the seniors around us doing it.

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But the next step in the pattern is very interesting. We break our own self-made resolutions! We do it all so seriously. The resolve to run for X miles or exercise for Y hours. The resolve to stop from going to the fridge every now and then, and stick to fixed eating schedule. The determination to spend time with the family and spouse for at least one hour everyday. The commitment to give up smoking / boozing / whatever- that we indulge in, in our attempt to destroy our body.

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I have been through it, and been pretty much amused with the game I play with myself every January, for so many past Januaries. But there was a moment of epiphany about two-three years ago, when I decided to make a resolution that is the mother of all resolutions. To Be Happy. And To Remain Happy, Come What May. To not let any circumstance, any circumstance, have the satisfaction of overpowering my decision to remain happy.

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So, if I am being led to the gallows, hands fastened at the back, the head covered with a black cloth; I would still be happy. I know that I am not letting the prospect of looming death get to me in any way.

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If I discover that my spouse is cheating on me, I will not let this person or the third-party destroy my happiness, for it is not theirs to destroy. I will handle the situation as best as I can, with the full knowledge that my state of mind will give me the best solution to the situation I am facing.

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And, with this state of mind that is always happy, I know that I will want to improve my happiness further by doing things that I have always meant to do, but have never succeeded. Running for X miles or exercising for Y minutes, for instance. Being very cautious of my diet and my weight, as another example. Spending quality time with my family as frequently as possible. And giving up smoking / boozing / whatever - for I know that these things come in the way of my happiness.

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Take it up as a challenge, folks, this year. Decide to remain happy, come what may!

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  1. Totally inspiring. As the mother of all resolutions, it is the simplest and most difficult. And I do need to quit smoking also...