Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Joy Of Remaining Calm Amidst Turmoil

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Also Eliminates Most Troubles

Easier said than done, this exercise. Of remaining calm and peaceful when the rest of the world around you is in chaos. And also, enjoying one's calm and peace.

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But it is quite possible to achieve, and quite within our capabilities. I wouldn't suggest that you go to some mountaintop and meditate. You can start doing it right here and now. While you are reading this. And all it takes is a shift in your outlook.

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One faculty that is required to be summoned is that of reflection. Reflect on the interactions that you had with external world. The people who walked into and out of your communication zone, from the morning milkman to the night guard on duty to the partner you said goodbye to before turning over the side and switching off for the night. Go through all interactions, and with a detached mind, observe the state of emotions you went through during each exchange.

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You might discover a pattern in the quality of your thoughts and emotions. While some interactions would obviously leave you indifferent, there are others where your reactions will be a result of some very grassroots-level emotion: anger, disdain, contempt, fear, jealousy, irritation, nervousness... we can run through the entire list. And, as you transit from one interaction with another, your mind automatically switches to the emotion that you have always stereotypically attached to the next encounter. Just recall the boo-boodee-boo of your heart as you were walking towards the cabin of your arrogant boss! Or the anger / disdain / hatred / nervousness you feel when you see your irascible spouse walk in through the front door. Or any such interaction where there is conflict or turmoil. Where any of the negative emotions run riot.

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After this process of reflection, comes the decision to now become non-judgmental, from this moment on. No, I am not asking to turn the other cheek when somebody slaps you. What I am suggesting is to refrain from sitting in judgment on the behavior and action of others. And replace this sense of judgment with a sense of stepping back, calming yourself, detaching from the situation and the person's behavior, and then stepping forward to reconnect. So you are not retaliating, not going for a tit-for-tat, not defending yourself or your existence, but reaching out with more maturity. And never mind how the other person reacts to this sudden change in your temperament.

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Keep doing it. There will be instances when the gale of the negative emotion will be so empowering that only after it has passed will you realize that you lost a golden chance to strengthen your sense of calm and harmony. But that's okay. Because such chances will keep coming at you, and a time will come when you will begin marveling at the ease with which you retain your balance and sense of peace – come what may.

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People around cannot fail to notice this change in you! They will begin to appreciate the fact that you are calm when they and everybody else around are not. And good things begin to happen. Like you find the LoA beginning to manifest in your day to day life.

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Go on. Take this up as a challenge. A game that you play with yourself, using the others around you as accessories. And see how far you succeed at it. Isn't it interesting!

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  1. Wow!!!! This was the best and the most inspiring piece I have come across!! Thank you very much for making my day...