Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Changing Your Brain's State

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Getting In The Mood Can't Become Easier!

I am sure we all encounter experiences when there is some deadline looming ahead. And the brain simply refuses to function! The boss has to be submitted a report in the next twenty-four hours, and you don't feel the motivation to lift your pen, or mouse, or whatever. You are required to compose a new piece of music, but your mind keeps going back to the stranger you met midnight last night...

Frank Sinatra

You find yourself staring at a complex mathematical equation or a drawing, and know that it is within you to solve the problem it is posing. Yet, you cannot summon the right resources within you required to handle it.

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In short, this _is_ a defining moment, but, somehow, you are incapable of seizing it. The mood just isn't there, you see.

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That's where a nifty self-dev tool can help. We have long since known that when our mind is "in the mood" of doing a certain activity, and when we are totally absorbed in that activity, our brain emits waves that have frequencies different from the ones it emits when we are "not in the mood". Another aspect of the brain that we know about is its capability to "entrain" itself to any external frequency. Which is another way of saying that when we plug our ears with earphones connected to an Mp3 that is belting music at specific frequency, after a while the brain begins humming at that very frequency.

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This is where this tool comes in. It is called the "brainev", and goes by the fancy name of "Brain Evolution System". A product of "Elite Inner Circle", the package has six CDs, each with a focus / end goal.

Product Package

Pop in the appropriate CD in the player, and while listening to the music, you begin to feel the brain gradually "evolving" itself to the state that you wanted yourself to be in. So you can now finish the report and place it on your boss' table in time; or shift your mind from the stranger in the night and back to the music you are supposed to write; or solve the complex equation that has defied solution. Or even, create new ideas out of ether and realize them on this earth.

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There's a video here where the company's representative talks about this product's properties.

Video Grab

The site they have is here: https://secure.trybrainev.com/

No harm in trying it out. Who knows, what latent powers and skills in you are struggling to be unlocked?

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  1. Ya, sometimes I just don't know what 1 half of my brain is doing.

  2. I find your information very useful. Great content.

  3. That's not the company's representative in that video. It is the actual developer that they hired, Michael Kelly