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The Arrival Of Comet Holmes On The Horizon...

Image by William Adolphe Bouguereau, 'The Birth of Venus'

And The Powerful Portends That Are Being Attached To It

That the world around us is changing, and very significantly, there is no doubt about. Our universe, this galaxy, solar system, our planet earth, and our human civilization - we are all hurtling somewhere at a speed that seems to be subtly increasing every moment. But where are we hurtling to?

This Galaxy Pair, Arp87 (Leo Constellation), swing past each other

So humankind searches for clues, patterns or any insights that can give a hint of what exactly is going on. An event that has drawn attention for such searchers is the sudden brightening of the Comet Holmes during its return sojourn, which it does regularly once every 6.9 years.

Comet Holmes - National Science Foundation

Up until October 23, 2007, the comet was a non-entity. Just one among the billions of stellar bodies navigating the sky. Had things moved in the predictable direction, the comet would have passed by unnoticed, with hardly more than a few bytes worth of news in the media. But the comet had something else in mind. On that day, this creature kicked up a lot of dust from its surface, and the glint of the sun's reflecting rays suddenly made it appear very bright in the sky.

photo by Gary Kronk, Kronk Observatory, Illinois

Now for the interesting part. There is a school of thought according to which Comet Holmes is said to represent the inner goddess within us - irrespective of our gender. The male's DNA has half its chromosomes coming from his mother's side, remember?


Comet Holmes is said to be "the driving force" behind the emergence of a feminine leadership that is more mature and spiritually-oriented than the present lot. It "seeks to question" the tenets of the Cult of Domesticity, redefine it perhaps, and push feminism and its corollaries to the forefront.

'No Time for Politics', Charles Gibson

Was the comet around, in the early 1900s, when Camilla Clifford won the "Gibson Girl" image contest? Camilla = Gibson Girl, this equation must have been forged in 1905/06 perhaps.

Camille Clifford - the Gibson Girl

The Feminine Mystique - This novel written by Betty Friedan came out in 1963; coincided with Holmes' return in 1964?

'The Feminine Mystique'

According to the school of thought that links Comet Holmes with resurgent woman power, let's not be surprised therefore, to connect the recent political events with the celestial body:

Argentina - The General Election held on 28 October saw Cristina Fernandez win the polls, paving the way for her presidency. This coincided with the arrival on the horizon of the comet.

Cristina Fernandez

Pakistan - President Musharraf declared an emergency rule across Pakistan. A resurgent Benazir Bhutto shuttled in and out of the country. The coming months should reveal what impact the comet has on her career, if at all.

Benazir Bhutto

USA - Hillary Clinton won the 2000 NY Senate election, when the comet was very much present in the earth's vicinity. This year, looks like the comet is once again by her side to give her popularity that push that (may be) propels her to the White House?

Hillary Clinton

Look around - for any signs of female resurgence. Now you know what is giving them the strength!

Whatever be our gender, so long as the comet is in our skies, it would be a great idea to delve inside and get in touch with the mother goddess in us. Make use of this CD if you want -

Mother Goddess, circa 6,000 B.C. - U.Penn. Image

Who knows, one of us might be able to discern where we are all going?

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