Friday, September 21, 2007

Overpowering Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes,... Any Disease

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Trust these scientists to come up with mouth-filling terms. Psychoneuroimmunology, also known as PNI. Or take another. Psychoendoneuroimmunology, also known as PENI. Only God knows why they take such sadistic pleasure in making the subject as complicated as they can. But I digress.

The basic tenet of PNI is that the body's immune and nervous system are linked to emotional states of the animal. The immune and endocrine systems are modulated not only by the brain but by the central nervous systems itself. Implying that there is a power higher than the brain which decides whether we should continue to be diseased or not. Not that the good doctors have made this admission. Can't blame them, you see, they have their years of conditioning (sorry, training) to defend you see. Not to mention the money they spent on their fees...

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I had the good fortune of meeting some people over the span of the past few months who have been through some very debilitating diseases. And, despite the prognosis of modern science, have come out tops. Talking to them was an inspiration.

These people are not the sensationalist or media-chaser types. They don't go about shooting statements, trying to grab the limelight through hard-to-believe miracles. They are not pseudo-saints who conjure ash or watches from thin air. They don't have any followers, nor do they roam around with the airs of a messiah. On the contrary, these are very ordinary people who go about their life quietly, without making a song or dance about their achievements. Yet, achieve they did. By overcoming disease conditions which have eluded modern medicine for years.

After distilling the interviews I had with them, I have come away with the single conclusion:

You can prevent diseases from affecting your body by supervising the quality of your thoughts. And, if you have invited diseases upon yourself, then you can bid them goodbye again by channeling your thoughts in the right direction.

Folks, it is a discovery that I am making for myself. The "higher power" that I referred to? It is our own mind.

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