Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Miracle In Kevin Everett's Life

Game About To Begin

A Parallel To Morris Goodman, "The Miracle Man"

Right at this moment, as I write this post, a miracle is unfolding in a room in Millard Fillmore Gates Hospital in Buffalo, New York.

Millard Fillmore Gates Hospital

Kevin Everett, 25-year-old student of the University of Miami and football player, suffered a spinal-cord injury while playing for Buffalo Bills in an NFL match.

The team was stunned to learn from the doctors that Kevin might be paralyzed for life. Dr. Andrew Cappuccino repaired a break between his third and forth vertebrae and alleviated the pressure on the spinal cord. The chances of Kevin regaining full body motion were considered remote.

But the very next day, doctors on duty reported that Kevin on his own moved his arms and legs when he was still groggily awake. Which gives hope to the possibility of him walking out of the hospital one day, fully fit as a fiddle.

A Miracle!

Reminds me of the miracle in the life of once-insurance-agent and now motivational-speaker, Morris Goodman.

Morris Goodman

Life took a U-turn for Morris, just like it has done for Kevin. Morris almost died in an air crash. How he fought all odds, and lived to not only prove wrong all diagnoses, but to be an inspiration to the rest of the world, is well-documented in a movie, here:

I join Kevin's friends and team-mates in praying for him. May the strength of positive thoughts give him the ability to walk out of the hospital on his own two feet.

He will make it.

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  1. Sanjay,
    Thanks for all of the great emails you have been sending me. I find a lot of motivation in them.
    Dave Hearn