Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Perspective On Where Our Civilization Is Headed...

This is one clip that I had to put up here.

It is about the shift taking place in our civilization right at this moment. Not that shifts are anything new to us - they have been happening since the dawn of time. That is how we hopped onto the ground from the branches of trees and came to live in the city.

But the present shift is a cumulation of all the earlier shifts. As the next shift will cumulate this one with all the rest.

Please switch on your speakers while you watch this brief (about six minutes) presentation. For the background music (a score from "The Last of the Mohicans") is haunting, and quite apt to its content.


[In case you are unable to watch the movie above, you can click here: Shift Happens.]
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Friday, September 21, 2007

Overpowering Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes,... Any Disease

Medical Symbol


Trust these scientists to come up with mouth-filling terms. Psychoneuroimmunology, also known as PNI. Or take another. Psychoendoneuroimmunology, also known as PENI. Only God knows why they take such sadistic pleasure in making the subject as complicated as they can. But I digress.

The basic tenet of PNI is that the body's immune and nervous system are linked to emotional states of the animal. The immune and endocrine systems are modulated not only by the brain but by the central nervous systems itself. Implying that there is a power higher than the brain which decides whether we should continue to be diseased or not. Not that the good doctors have made this admission. Can't blame them, you see, they have their years of conditioning (sorry, training) to defend you see. Not to mention the money they spent on their fees...

Class in progress

I had the good fortune of meeting some people over the span of the past few months who have been through some very debilitating diseases. And, despite the prognosis of modern science, have come out tops. Talking to them was an inspiration.

These people are not the sensationalist or media-chaser types. They don't go about shooting statements, trying to grab the limelight through hard-to-believe miracles. They are not pseudo-saints who conjure ash or watches from thin air. They don't have any followers, nor do they roam around with the airs of a messiah. On the contrary, these are very ordinary people who go about their life quietly, without making a song or dance about their achievements. Yet, achieve they did. By overcoming disease conditions which have eluded modern medicine for years.

After distilling the interviews I had with them, I have come away with the single conclusion:

You can prevent diseases from affecting your body by supervising the quality of your thoughts. And, if you have invited diseases upon yourself, then you can bid them goodbye again by channeling your thoughts in the right direction.

Folks, it is a discovery that I am making for myself. The "higher power" that I referred to? It is our own mind.

Asclepius with his staff
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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Miracle In Kevin Everett's Life

Game About To Begin

A Parallel To Morris Goodman, "The Miracle Man"

Right at this moment, as I write this post, a miracle is unfolding in a room in Millard Fillmore Gates Hospital in Buffalo, New York.

Millard Fillmore Gates Hospital

Kevin Everett, 25-year-old student of the University of Miami and football player, suffered a spinal-cord injury while playing for Buffalo Bills in an NFL match.

The team was stunned to learn from the doctors that Kevin might be paralyzed for life. Dr. Andrew Cappuccino repaired a break between his third and forth vertebrae and alleviated the pressure on the spinal cord. The chances of Kevin regaining full body motion were considered remote.

But the very next day, doctors on duty reported that Kevin on his own moved his arms and legs when he was still groggily awake. Which gives hope to the possibility of him walking out of the hospital one day, fully fit as a fiddle.

A Miracle!

Reminds me of the miracle in the life of once-insurance-agent and now motivational-speaker, Morris Goodman.

Morris Goodman

Life took a U-turn for Morris, just like it has done for Kevin. Morris almost died in an air crash. How he fought all odds, and lived to not only prove wrong all diagnoses, but to be an inspiration to the rest of the world, is well-documented in a movie, here:

I join Kevin's friends and team-mates in praying for him. May the strength of positive thoughts give him the ability to walk out of the hospital on his own two feet.

He will make it.
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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Can You Read What Is Going On In Another's Mind?

image by Gabor Kalman, stock.Xchng

And Don't You Wish You Could?

There are so many situations when we wish we could read exactly what is going on in the other person's mind.

image by Bruno Sub, stock.Xchng

The spouse coming in late at night. Or receiving phone calls at odd hours. Or finding strange entries in their credit card bill. And, _somehow_, we _know_ that there is a ring of untruth in whatever explanation is given to us...

The child behaving odd suddenly. As if there is something going on at school / college which he/she is reluctant to divulge to you. Again, the words coming from the mouth are at variance from the body language that is hinting at a different story...

image by cristiano galbiati, stock.Xchng

A negotiation in progress with a labor union leader / take-over artist. We never know exactly what ace they hold up their sleeve, and how strong / weak the position is that they are talking from...

The dating has been steady for quite some time now. And, we are pretty sure that the person in our arms is the One. Or are we? Pretty sure, that is?

Joel Dietle, stock.Xchng

It is in these and similar circumstances that we really, really wish we could comprehend the thoughts flitting through the other person's mind.

Does reading a person's mind require that person's physical presence in our vicinity? Should we tune into the body language of the person, the way their facial expressions change, the way the tone of their voice dips and zigzags up and down... in order to "guess" their thoughts? Should we try to pick up clues from their body language?

And what if the person we are trying to read is a total stranger? It is a common observation that married couples begin getting cues about what the other is thinking as they spend more and more time together. This is true with close friends and even office colleagues. But what if you are meeting somebody for the first time?

image by Chris Lehne, stock.Xchng

At any instant of time, thousand-and-one thoughts pass through our mindscape. That is especially true for the "mentally" in-disciplined amongst us, those who are not trained to be mindfully aware through meditation. Hypothetically speaking, if somebody does develop the ability to tap into a subject's thoughts, he or she will likely get swamped and overwhelmed by the torrent of thoughts that the subject is thinking through! Sifting through the threads of thoughts in real-time, and latching on to that one single important thought (infidelity, lying, hiding something, ace-up-the-sleeve, etc, etc) - can be a challenging job! And if the subject simply doesn't dwell on the most important issue or subject that the mind-reader wants to know about - then unless the subject is consciously "reminded" about it through direct provocation or indirect cues, the only way I guess the mind-reader can find out what is going on is by sifting through the Akashic records!

image by Matyas Huszar, stock.Xchng

Ah, well, we digress. We are making the subject more complicated than it already is. But I am sure you get the drift of some of the issues involved in mind-reading.

Coming back to the how-to of mind-reading, I have come across this very good course that gives a good breadth of treatment to a vast range of topics. The course claims to take you to the top in the world of psychics in six weeks flat. That is an exaggeration, of course. But their content is worth going through to some extent, and can be taken as starter guide towards the road to general development of psychic abilities, of which mind-reading is one aspect. Here is the URL - Costs USD 99.95. So buy it if you are really serious about working on your sixth sense.

image by Georgios M. W, stock.Xchng
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