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Analyze Your Dreams...

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They Carry Some Meaning For You!

Ask the good doctors why people dream. And they come up with some technical mumbo-jumbo about the chaotic dance played by chemicals on the dance floor of the brain. Something about the "amide derivatives of fatty acids" being generated by the parasympathetic nervous system that lulls us into sleep. Something about the rapid movement of eye balls beneath eyelids. Something about the regrouping of the events of the waking hours into different storage slots of the long-term memory. Mumbo-jumbo, mumble-jumble...

Anything but a definite, concrete answer to the basic question: "Why people dream?"

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Not that I have anything against the good doctors. The point here is the general attitude of the general public towards alternative answers to questions for which the white-coats don’t have any answers themselves. Let's be open to the possibility that the scientists are not Gods, and are restrained and hemmed in by their own self-imposed straitjackets of logic and empirical studies, poor chaps.

So, why do people dream? One theory is that dreams are a gateway of communication between the deeply-seated subconscious and the awake-and-alert, surface-level conscious components of the mind. It is through the movie-like sequences of dreams that the subconscious communicates to the conscious mind things that the latter might otherwise not be able to fathom on its own, or might be too busy to take notice of. [But why? I have still not answered this question. Heck, I wouldn't be writing this blog if I had answer to all such questions, would I? :) ]

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Take for instance, some very common dreams that people normally report. One oft-quoted dream is walking around half-naked in a busy thoroughfare, usually with the private anatomy uncovered. Surprisingly, the others in the dream don't appear surprised at this parade of nudity in public. Another is sitting down for defecation in a toilet which doesn't have any doors - so there's no privacy. To top this, you have somebody peering into the toilet and talking to you, while you are in the midst of the act.

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Then there are dreams involving relations and relationships. Boyfriends, girlfriends, current spouse, former spouses, current employer / boss / supervisor, former bosses, all appear in sequences that are a variation of reality - how things actually may have happened.

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Another category of dreams is nightmares - where scary things happen to you. Usually there is a fearful element that threatens to take your life or the life of your kith and kin. It is almost like the Boggarts that Rowling's character Professor Remus John Lupin talks about in one of the Harry Potter movies.


Some dreams occur once only - and others recur again and again and again, very persistently, as if they demand that they be heeded to.

I for one attach great value to dreams. Dreams are one channel through which one keeps in touch with one's inner core. Don't be obsessed with them; but don't ignore them, either - is my advice to anyone interested in dream interpretation.

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And for a good tool to self-analyze one's dreams, here is a good kit: The kit has the following goodies:

1. A guide titled - "The truth behind dreams".
2. A separate guide titled - "How to increase and remember your dreams".
3. A dream "dictionary".
4. A software - "Dream Log" to record dreams.
5. Finally, a software called "Dream Analyzer" which you feed in the elements of your dream and obtain a report on what it might mean.

Costs USD 27.95. Look forward to trying it out one of these days.

Dream Analyzer Box

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