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Flop With Chicks? Try Love Potion Number Nine, Try Amortentia...

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... Or Try Subliminal Power!

The Love Potion Song
There's this song written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller in 1959, and sung by the Clovers. The song describes a gypsy named Madam Ruth, who runs her shop selling potions at Thirty-Fourth and Vine. The singer walks up to her with the complaint that he is a "flop with chicks". The lady studies his hand, and prescribes him "Love Potion Number Nine". And the liquid that he drinks... turns him into a kisser of everything that comes in his way! Until a cop breaks his reverie.

Then there is Professor Horace Slughorn, Potions Master and teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The strongest love potion in the world, according to the good professor, is Amortentia. This potion has "a distinctive mother-of-pearl sheen", and its steam rises "in characteristic spirals". The potion has a unique ability to smell differently to everybody, according to what in their inherent nature attracts them.

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Sigh. If only one could lay one's hands on the number nine potion, or this Amortentia thing!

Finding Love: Reality Angle
That the world is desperately in need of the Love Potion Number Nine or Harry Potter's Amortentia is evident from the failures and frustrations and disappointments that seekers of love face. You meet some guy or gal, there is an initial spark, you think you found the one you were looking for, and rush in to tie the knot. But alas! The knot proves too weak for quite a few.

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Why does it happen? Why is it that some individuals enjoy relationships that last a lifetime, while others simply lurch from one relationship to another?

BBC - Taiwanese Couple Have World's Longest Marriage

This lurching is reflected in the divorce statistics dished out regularly by government agencies. According to Jennifer Baker, Director of Marriage and Family Therapy Program, Forest Institute of Professional Psychology, "50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second and 74% of third marriages end in divorce."

Dr. Jennifer Baker

The boy or the girl who said "I Do" in those 50% cases, or the grown-ups who said the same thing in 67% and later in 74% cases: what did they see in their partner? Obviously, there was something wrong about the choice they made. Disillusionment sets in once the short-term magic of holding hands and whispering sweet-nothings wears off, the honeymoon is over, and reality of marriage kicks in. Aaaah, where is the love potion no. 9, where is the bottle of Amortentia to keep those love bubbles going?

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The problem is with that initial spark, I think. It is the skip of the heartbeat upon seeing someone, which gives you a high, and lulls you into thinking that you have found your love at long last. Why did you get the wrong spark, the wrong signal, in the first place, when it was predestined to doom-dom? Why didn't your sixth sense, your instinct, your hunch, give you the right information in the first place?

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In my opinion, this happens because of some fault in the way our personality is constructed. This fault could manifest itself in the form of a false self-image that we build for ourselves that is totally different from what we at our core, really are. We then go around hunting for a partner who is compatible with that false self-image, and not with our true self.

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It works both ways: the universe pushes towards us an individual who has the same fault in their personality that is compatible with our fault. As if automatically, the individual who matches our personality, fault et al, walks into our life. The Law of Attraction plays out. If the "I Do" happens, then so does the divorce. Because, like all falsities, our core personality rebels at any union that does not gel with itself. And we keep hip-hopping from one relationship to another... desperately seeking that happy union which appears ever-elusive...

Ever tried mixing kerosene with water? See how the two liquids separate themselves in the beaker after a while, no matter how rigorously you may have stirred the mixture? The principle is the same - whether it is immiscible liquids or immiscible relationships.

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A Self-Dev Solution
So is there a way to rectify the fault in our personality? Can we straighten out the kinks so that the next time we step out, we are sure and certain that we will meet only the person who is just right for us? And not somebody who will turn out to be yet another disappointment?

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One very good technique is to hone up that sixth sense. That very same instinct, that very same hunch, which comes into play when you are sizing up the person before you. And this is possible through a lot of introspection, carried out through a lot of meditation. Now I don't suggest that you shave your head and go to the monasteries. You can do this introspection, and some light meditation even while you are travelling in your daily tube or bus or whatever.

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If you happen to be using the computer for good number of hours everyday, here is one very good solution to come to terms with your core: The Subliminal Power software. Here is the link: http://www.short10.com/?c=bvis-subliminal. This software costs USD 39.95. It installs on your computer, and you can configure it to your requirements. There are several built-in scripts that come with the product. While you can select "Men's Stuff - Become a Total Woman Magnet" or "Women's Stuff - Become a Total Man Magnet" (don't go by the commercial lingo used here, the product is really serious), you can of course devise your own scripts.

Symbol of Subliminal Power

Try it. Understand your core. Understand yourself. And then seek for the right person in your life. The universe has designed one especially and exclusively for you out there, waiting just for you.

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