Friday, June 08, 2007

Transferring Power From Source To Appliance ... Without Wires

Marin Soljacic in the Center

... How About Sending Power Through The Mind?

MIT scientist Marin Soljacic and his colleagues have come up with a technique with which power can be transferred from a source to an electric appliance; effectively eliminating the need for all those wires and cables.

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This technique is using two electromagnetic resonators - one at the source end, and the other at the appliance end. The source unit emanates non-radiative magnetic field at a frequency in the megahertz range. The appliance unit is designed to resonate with this field, and through this resonance the appliance receives its dose of power.

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Simple and ingenious, isn't it? They call this contraption - WiTricity (acronym for Wireless Electricity).

Brings to mind phenomena such as telekinesis. Whatever be the controversy surrounding magician Uri Geller... or Nina Kulagina...

Book cover - Author: James Randi About.Com image - Nina Kulagina

... the theoretical structure behind telekinesis is just this: to induce resonance in a receiving unit, using waves emanating from the brain. The trick would be to create just the right frequency waves that vibe with the receiving unit: so whether it is a frog's heart floating in a solution, or it is moving an inanimate object from one location to another.

Can I cause my brain / mind to do this? Wish I am able to reach this state faster... :)))

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Meanwhile, here's one very good software that can be used to develop the mind to reach any level... including being able to perform telekinesis, and beyond. The software works on the principle of auto-suggestion, and takes the route of subliminality to reach out the mind. You'll have to write your own script for such stuff, though, for the inbuilt scripts that come with the software are geared for more mundane aspirations! Like attracting the ideal partner in one's life, for one, or speed reading, for another.

Brain Power Pro Box

Here's the URL: Costs USD 39.97.

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