Thursday, June 21, 2007

Simply Shift Your Thoughts...

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...And Solve ALL Problems!!!

Circa 1920. Patients who walked into Dr. Emile Coue's clinic would be given a long but very positive and very interesting discourse on the benefic effects of the medicines the good doctor was handing out to them. After listening to this discourse, and with full faith in his treatment, when the patient took the medicine, they would feel better, and would be ultimately cured.

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That was in the 1920s. His mantra - "Every day in every way, I am getting better and better" - would be chanted by an entire generation. It still is, though people now have come up with other variants of the same mantra.

How or why the patients would be cured, nobody knew then. People thought Dr. Coue knew his stuff very well. Dr. Coue himself put it down to autosuggestion.

Shift your thoughts from disease to health; and see how things change.

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Cut to 2002. Dr. Helen Mayberg conducts a trial experiment on seventeen men admitted to the in-patient department of a hospital for depression. As part of treatment, some of these patients were given an anti-depressant, and some were given a placebo. Both the groups were told that the treatment will alleviate their problem.

Four of the guys who received placebo for treatment, recovered. [Here is the press release on the study.]

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Skeptics pooh-poohed this result, saying that the generally therapeutic ambience of the in-patient department must have helped these four guys. But that is beside the point. Ms. Mayberg herself wondered whether the antidepressants themselves worked merely via a placebo effect. That too is beside the point. The main point is this: these four guys really +believed+ that the treatment will alleviate their problem. And this +belief+ translated into reality.

Shift your thoughts from disease to health; and see how things change.

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Come closer to the recent past. August 2006. Dr. Rosalind Wright conducted a research on 670 male military veterans, focusing on their lung capacity. A significant discovery was that those in the group who harbored hostile thoughts towards themselves or towards others, tended to have poorer lung capacity in comparison to peers who were at peace with themselves and with the world.

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Ms. Wright's research on the genesis of asthma points to psychological stress being one of major contributors to asthma morbidity. Ergo...

Shift your thoughts from disease to health; and see how things change.

Relaxing girl, emory website

It is so simple - to stop thinking along lines of negativity and doom and despair and what-have-you, and start thinking along lines of positivity and happiness and general wellbeing. Yet, we make this the singularly most difficult task in life. And then mope around and complain that life is treating us unjustly.

This shift has to come from within. But, still, in case you do need external help, here is one. It's a self-hypnosis script on positive thinking, it's downloadable, and has been prepared on the lines of Dr. Coue's principles of positive auto-suggestion. Costs USD 12.95 for a download.

Self Hypnosis Box

Then here's another: This is a CD containing audio produced using Subliminal technology, again with the underlying principles of positive auto-suggestion of Dr. Coue. Nudges you on the path of loving self. Costs USD 19.95 for one disk.

Subliminal CD - Love Yourself

Simply shift your thoughts, whether with or without an external aid, and see the difference in your life. Incidentally, this is what the Law of Attraction is all about! :)

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