Wednesday, June 27, 2007

How Much - Do You Love Me?

Edward Marries Wallis

... To The Point of ABDICATION?

"There was such merriment when you were born, my love, in that White Lodge in Richmond in Surrey. Your parents and grandparents were such a happy lot! Everybody knew you were destined to greatness.

"It was so difficult to rein in your enthusiasm for military affairs... You won the Military Cross, and swiftly rose through the ranks - no doubt, both your valor and your family background were the motivators.

Edward's coin

"My. You had become so popular then. With your handsome face and chiseled features, who wouldn't fall for you! You launched new fashion lines, and soon became an icon - to be envied and copied.

"Why were you so infatuated with married women, Dave? Like a moth attracted to the flames of a burning wick ... knowing fully well that such dalliances are doomed most of the time... Did you find the spinsters or the virgins less attractive? Lemme see ... there was this voluptuous, Freda girl,

Freda Dudley Ward, image by Cecil Beaton, National Portrait Gallery

Then there was this vivacious Mildred Harris ... the girl who married Charlie Chaplin in her teenage years - I think he and you fall in the same category? Of Philanderers... that is...

Mildred Harris

Of course, pretty Thelma was shocked to know that your infatuation with her lasted for such a short time...

Thelma Morgan

And then you met me. You knew, of course, that I was married.

Wallis Simpson

Unbeknown to you, I was also involved in my, ah, flings with other men. Yes, there have been so many men in my life. Just like the other women who had you in their bed. I was forever searching for that eternal satisfaction... you see...

Wallis Simpson's secret lover, Guy Trundle Letter from Special Branch

Yet, you were attracted to me, as a moth is attracted to...

Romantic moods

My husband knew about us, of course. He was actually proud of the fact that his wife was the mistress of such a big man!

That fateful day, you even agreed to abdicate and renounce the throne. I knew then, how much you loved me.

Abdication Speech by Prince Edward

After our marriage, we moved all over Europe. I tremendously enjoyed those days of fun and frolic, free from tensions or stress.

Newspaper Front Page

Romance. Sex. Money. These are the aphrodisiacs of my love, Dave. I lived by them.

And died by them.

King Edward's Signature

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