Wednesday, June 27, 2007

How Much - Do You Love Me?

Edward Marries Wallis

... To The Point of ABDICATION?

"There was such merriment when you were born, my love, in that White Lodge in Richmond in Surrey. Your parents and grandparents were such a happy lot! Everybody knew you were destined to greatness.

"It was so difficult to rein in your enthusiasm for military affairs... You won the Military Cross, and swiftly rose through the ranks - no doubt, both your valor and your family background were the motivators.

Edward's coin

"My. You had become so popular then. With your handsome face and chiseled features, who wouldn't fall for you! You launched new fashion lines, and soon became an icon - to be envied and copied.

"Why were you so infatuated with married women, Dave? Like a moth attracted to the flames of a burning wick ... knowing fully well that such dalliances are doomed most of the time... Did you find the spinsters or the virgins less attractive? Lemme see ... there was this voluptuous, Freda girl,

Freda Dudley Ward, image by Cecil Beaton, National Portrait Gallery

Then there was this vivacious Mildred Harris ... the girl who married Charlie Chaplin in her teenage years - I think he and you fall in the same category? Of Philanderers... that is...

Mildred Harris

Of course, pretty Thelma was shocked to know that your infatuation with her lasted for such a short time...

Thelma Morgan

And then you met me. You knew, of course, that I was married.

Wallis Simpson

Unbeknown to you, I was also involved in my, ah, flings with other men. Yes, there have been so many men in my life. Just like the other women who had you in their bed. I was forever searching for that eternal satisfaction... you see...

Wallis Simpson's secret lover, Guy Trundle Letter from Special Branch

Yet, you were attracted to me, as a moth is attracted to...

Romantic moods

My husband knew about us, of course. He was actually proud of the fact that his wife was the mistress of such a big man!

That fateful day, you even agreed to abdicate and renounce the throne. I knew then, how much you loved me.

Abdication Speech by Prince Edward

After our marriage, we moved all over Europe. I tremendously enjoyed those days of fun and frolic, free from tensions or stress.

Newspaper Front Page

Romance. Sex. Money. These are the aphrodisiacs of my love, Dave. I lived by them.

And died by them.

King Edward's Signature

[For other takes on the subject of love, browse to "This Valentine's Day" and "Goodbye To Love".]
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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Simply Shift Your Thoughts...

Image by Greg Olsen, stock.Xchng

...And Solve ALL Problems!!!

Circa 1920. Patients who walked into Dr. Emile Coue's clinic would be given a long but very positive and very interesting discourse on the benefic effects of the medicines the good doctor was handing out to them. After listening to this discourse, and with full faith in his treatment, when the patient took the medicine, they would feel better, and would be ultimately cured.

Dr. Coue's image

That was in the 1920s. His mantra - "Every day in every way, I am getting better and better" - would be chanted by an entire generation. It still is, though people now have come up with other variants of the same mantra.

How or why the patients would be cured, nobody knew then. People thought Dr. Coue knew his stuff very well. Dr. Coue himself put it down to autosuggestion.

Shift your thoughts from disease to health; and see how things change.

Image by dima v, stock.Xchng

Cut to 2002. Dr. Helen Mayberg conducts a trial experiment on seventeen men admitted to the in-patient department of a hospital for depression. As part of treatment, some of these patients were given an anti-depressant, and some were given a placebo. Both the groups were told that the treatment will alleviate their problem.

Four of the guys who received placebo for treatment, recovered. [Here is the press release on the study.]

Dr Mayberg's image

Skeptics pooh-poohed this result, saying that the generally therapeutic ambience of the in-patient department must have helped these four guys. But that is beside the point. Ms. Mayberg herself wondered whether the antidepressants themselves worked merely via a placebo effect. That too is beside the point. The main point is this: these four guys really +believed+ that the treatment will alleviate their problem. And this +belief+ translated into reality.

Shift your thoughts from disease to health; and see how things change.

Image by Nihan Aydin, stock.Xchng

Come closer to the recent past. August 2006. Dr. Rosalind Wright conducted a research on 670 male military veterans, focusing on their lung capacity. A significant discovery was that those in the group who harbored hostile thoughts towards themselves or towards others, tended to have poorer lung capacity in comparison to peers who were at peace with themselves and with the world.

Dr Wright's image

Ms. Wright's research on the genesis of asthma points to psychological stress being one of major contributors to asthma morbidity. Ergo...

Shift your thoughts from disease to health; and see how things change.

Relaxing girl, emory website

It is so simple - to stop thinking along lines of negativity and doom and despair and what-have-you, and start thinking along lines of positivity and happiness and general wellbeing. Yet, we make this the singularly most difficult task in life. And then mope around and complain that life is treating us unjustly.

This shift has to come from within. But, still, in case you do need external help, here is one. It's a self-hypnosis script on positive thinking, it's downloadable, and has been prepared on the lines of Dr. Coue's principles of positive auto-suggestion. Costs USD 12.95 for a download.

Self Hypnosis Box

Then here's another: This is a CD containing audio produced using Subliminal technology, again with the underlying principles of positive auto-suggestion of Dr. Coue. Nudges you on the path of loving self. Costs USD 19.95 for one disk.

Subliminal CD - Love Yourself

Simply shift your thoughts, whether with or without an external aid, and see the difference in your life. Incidentally, this is what the Law of Attraction is all about! :)

Thinking Monkey, emory univ website
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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pumping Lamb's Blood Into A Human Being...

image by vaclav pastucha, stock.Xchng

Black Magic, Tantra, or Plain Old Science????

What made this man think that lamb's blood could be pumped into a human being? Had he blabbered about it today, he would have been laughed at, at best, or been labeled a voodoo artist at worst. Blogs would have sneered at him. If lucky, he might have even developed a cult following. If luckier, TV channels would have grabbed at one more bizarre phenomenon to fill their bytes with, with anchorpersons interviewing him from every angle possible. The zenith of course would have been to get an invitation to appear in TV czarina Oprah Winfrey's show, no less...

University of Miami Image

Denis Jean-Baptiste, the son of a civil engineer in Louis XIV's government, attracted controversy from the start.

Image by sanja gjenero, stock.Xchng

Born sometime in the 1640s, Denis called himself a doctor in medicine, but the Montpellier school of medicine from where he claimed to have earned his degree, doesn't seem to have any record of his being a student there. He also assumed the title of "Professor" to teach Mathematics and Philosophy to students; and characteristically, he didn't have any papers to prove that he had any formal grounding in these subjects. That he could still hold fort on these admittedly high-brow subjects speaks volumes of this man!

image by Jose A. Warletta, stock.Xchng

Coming back to the point, it was Denis who hit upon the idea of pumping the blood of lambs into human beings. Back then, our good doctors were still groping in the dark on what makes life tick (they still grope, in the dark I mean, but that's a different story), and a guy named William Harvey had just discovered that blood took a closed-circuit loop in the body: from the heart to the farthest cells of the body through arteries, and back again to the heart through veins.

PBS Image

A clutch of scientists from England took the excitement further, and we had Christopher Wren who began giving his first intravenous injections (now what drug was he administering his patients in those days?), and Richard Lower who discovered that it was quite easy to transfuse blood from one dog to another. Not to be outdone (patriotic pride!), scientists in France set out to replicate these experiments themselves, and Denis was one scientist to take up the challenge.

After discovering the ease with which transfusion worked successfully in dogs (extract blood from one dog, and transfuse into another, and the recipient survived the experiment) - Denis was exhilarated. The thought of an entire new world (the word "hematology" hadn't been coined then) about to open up for him gave him sleepless nights.

TrendsToday Image, Polina

Thinking out of the box, he wondered - why not try this blood transfusion into human beings? And with this thought taking root in him, he got the first opportunity on 15 June 1667 - exactly this day 340 years ago - when a young man walked into his clinic. The man was in "a drowsy and feverish state", and other doctors had given up on him. Quickly concluding that his standard set of medicines wouldn't work, he got hold of a lamb, withdrew from it about 12 ounces of blood, and transfused the blood into his patient. His reasoning? "A lamb is full of gentle 'humors', and its blood will infuse in the man its natural enthusiasm and bounce." ^+^

Lo and behold! The man recovered in no time!

Elated, our Denis performed this same technique on another patient, this time a 45-year old chair bearer. Instead of a lamb, Denis now got hold of a sheep, using his own quaint (!) line of logic. Again, the man recovered!

The name and fame of Denis spread like wildfire, as expected. Extremely complicated cases would now be referred to him, and his prestige in the eyes of his peers grew.

Alas, success in a man draws antagonism and jealousy in fellow beings. So when one transfusion experiment failed and the patient died, a canard was spread that the good Doctor was the perpetrator. The case was brought to court, and though Denis successfully extricated himself of the charges, the incident shook his beliefs. He stopped transfusions from then on.

Image by elif yuceyurt, stock.Xchng

Though he was later invited to the court of England, where he demonstrated his prowess in blood transfusion, disillusionment had set in, and the man who "pumped lamb's blood into humans" faded away into oblivion.

It was almost one hundred fifty years later, when a British obstetrician, Dr. James Blundell, discarded the "gentle animal blood" theory and transfused blood from human being to human being.

What I liked about this man, Denis Jean-Baptiste, was his creativity and daring. While the buzz about animal-to-animal blood transfusion was around him, he thought of the next step of performing the first animal-to-human transfusion; never mind the soundness of his logic.
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Friday, June 08, 2007

Transferring Power From Source To Appliance ... Without Wires

Marin Soljacic in the Center

... How About Sending Power Through The Mind?

MIT scientist Marin Soljacic and his colleagues have come up with a technique with which power can be transferred from a source to an electric appliance; effectively eliminating the need for all those wires and cables.

 image by andrej troha, stock.Xchng

This technique is using two electromagnetic resonators - one at the source end, and the other at the appliance end. The source unit emanates non-radiative magnetic field at a frequency in the megahertz range. The appliance unit is designed to resonate with this field, and through this resonance the appliance receives its dose of power.

image by ?ukasz Grzyb, stock.Xchng

Simple and ingenious, isn't it? They call this contraption - WiTricity (acronym for Wireless Electricity).

Brings to mind phenomena such as telekinesis. Whatever be the controversy surrounding magician Uri Geller... or Nina Kulagina...

Book cover - Author: James Randi About.Com image - Nina Kulagina

... the theoretical structure behind telekinesis is just this: to induce resonance in a receiving unit, using waves emanating from the brain. The trick would be to create just the right frequency waves that vibe with the receiving unit: so whether it is a frog's heart floating in a solution, or it is moving an inanimate object from one location to another.

Can I cause my brain / mind to do this? Wish I am able to reach this state faster... :)))

image by Thorsten Epping, stock.Xchng

Meanwhile, here's one very good software that can be used to develop the mind to reach any level... including being able to perform telekinesis, and beyond. The software works on the principle of auto-suggestion, and takes the route of subliminality to reach out the mind. You'll have to write your own script for such stuff, though, for the inbuilt scripts that come with the software are geared for more mundane aspirations! Like attracting the ideal partner in one's life, for one, or speed reading, for another.

Brain Power Pro Box

Here's the URL: Costs USD 39.97.

image by Willi Heidelbach, stock.Xchng
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Friday, June 01, 2007

Hypnotist Of The Year Award...

Debbie Lane

... Goes To... Debbie Lane Of Palm Harbor, Florida

The International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT), an association of multi-disciplined practitioners who specialize in holistic techniques and complementary healthcare, last week honored one among their ilk. Debbie Lane, Certified Hypnotist, practicing from her Palm Harbor, Florida clinic, was conferred the "Hypnotist of the Year" award for her "contributions to the global hypnosis community and her outstanding client service which has brought national attention to the use of hypnosis for the treatment of long term physical ailments."

IACT's membership includes medical practitioners, psychologists, clinical social workers, stress consultants, NLP practitioners, clergy, licensed massage therapists, hypnotherapists, biofeedback specialists, nutritionists, educators, mental health therapists, substance abuse counselors and others in the helping, healing arts. Founded in 1990, IACT has members in 27 countries.

Kudos to you, Debbie! :)
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