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Quitting Smoking - Two Possible Cures

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Solutions From The Self-Dev Industry

We human being are all equal, I say. Doesn't matter what race or creed or color stock we may come from. At the very core, we are all part of the anima mundi.

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Look at our habit of smoking. We enjoy this addiction. Within five minutes of waking up, we reach out for the fag. Whether we are Canadians, or British, or Americans, or from any of the other continental shelves, we all have the same (dirty?) habits.

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Serious and thoughtful monarch that he was, King James I of England was no medico. So, wonder where he got the idea that smoking was harmful to the eye, and harmful to the brain, and dangerous to the lungs? Though I am sure his diktat to his subjects in 1604 A.D. wouldn't have had much effect. I know - even the guys and the gals of four hundred years ago didn't have the willpower to abstain from smoking, once addicted.

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The 19 (!) different carcinogens in cigarettes play havoc with the body. Pamphlets and brochures and banners loudly proclaim the harmful diseases that one gets with continued smoking: from cancers of the mouth and larynx and lungs, to emphysema and heart attack. To the males, the biggest threat of them all: Impotence! Too is dangled before them.

Poster from ASH Australia on tobacco and impotence

But the smoking continues.

Mothers have been told of the horror of crib deaths caused by secondhand smoke exposure as well as carcinogens seeping through breast milk.

Advt released by Dept of PHHS

But the smoking continues.

Thankfully, over the past few decades, the overall prevalence of smoking has reduced to a large extent. The diehard smokers amongst us, who still find it difficult to quit smoking, are the ones who the self-dev industry seeks to help.

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There are these two good solutions, worth trying.

One is the use of Self-Hypnosis audio CDs. The script that the voice-over speaks in their mellifluous tone first relaxes the body and the mind totally. Then a series of self-affirmative, positive statements begin, which work on one's willpower, one's love for one's body and concern for one's health, and how life can be enriched further by the right attitude and thinking. Repeatedly listening to the CD for a period of four to six weeks is known to work wonders. Here is the URL to one such CD: http://www.short10.com/?c=sdb_hypno_smoke1. This costs USD 12.95 if you want to download and hear it on the computer. If you want to buy a CD, it is USD 25.95.

Hypnosis CD - Stop Smoking

A second solution is the use of audio subliminal technology. This technology works on the premise that our mind sometimes pays heed to suggestions when they are made in whispers. In fact, even more subtle than whispers. Consciously, you won't even know that somebody is saying something to you. Heck, you can't hear the voice! But, unbeknown to you, the suggestions seep into your subconscious mind. And what they say is, yes you guessed it: Quit Smoking. Repeatedly listening to the suggestions, administered subliminally, takes you to the path of smoke-free health.

Quit Smoking CD - Subliminal Audio

Here is the URL to one such CD: http://www.short10.com/?c=sdb_sublimaud_smoke1. Costs USD 19.95 - comes only in CD version (no download).

Try them out. And make things happen in your life.

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