Saturday, May 26, 2007

Learning To Listen To Your Intuition

Séance on a Wet Afternoon

The world is full of seances who claim to be in touch with their psychic powers, and can predict when and where the earthquake will strike next; or who the next head of state of country X-Y-Zee will be; or which way the price of oil will swing the next week.

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And then there is this body of skeptics who dismiss these seances as charlatans who are out to get your money as well as hog some undeserved limelight.

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So who should one believe?

My answer would be: believe in yourself. Believe in your intuition. Those gut feelings that act as your very own advance guidance system. That tell you very subtly that the guy sweet-talking before you is not _the_ one; whatever his flashy smile and tuxedo shoes and debonair style might be telling you. Or that the businessperson who is sounding so terribly self-confident is not the right company to venture your capital in. Or...

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There is this package that helps you on the road to honing your intuition further. Though it claims (as all marketing guys are prone to claim) to take you to the road to crystal-ball-gazing in _just_ six weeks... I would advice pragmatism, and pace it out. Depending on your present level of advancement on the road to self-realization, and depending on how serious and sensitive you are about yourself, it could take anywhere between six weeks to ... six years, or even sixty.

Be-Psychic Box

Here is the URL: Costs USD 99.95.

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