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Hypertension? Try These Techniques


These Are Proven Techniques

It sounds strange that, despite this being 2007 - Hypertension or HTN can still only be diagnosed incidentally - somebody does a routine blood pressure check and discovers that you have high blood pressure. But it is true. Yet, this fact is so fundamental to our existence. That the heart is having to exert a lot of effort to do so normal an activity as reaching life-giving blood to all the cells in the remotest corners of the body.

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However, all medications to cure hypertension solve only the symptoms, and while attempting to solve one problem, bring in another problem in the form of side-effects. I have always advocated life-style changes and natural techniques that do not require any invasion of chemicals on the body.

One natural technique that I have found particularly useful is: Meditation. The internet has tons of information on the subject of Meditation. Jon Kabat-Zinn's eight-week course called "Meditation-Based Stress Reduction" (MBSR) is a technique that the West has been familiar with, since 1979.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, Washington Post

You can practice meditation anywhere, so long as you are passive, and not doing any activity. So you may be traveling (in the passenger seat, not in the driver seat), or waiting outside your doctor's chamber - whenever you get the opportunity to sit still, simply meditate. I have a set of articles post on another blog of mine; here is the URL:

Michigan University, Meditation in Group

When you begin practicing meditation, you will slowly discover that you feel rested, refreshed, rejuvenated...

And when you are in that deep meditative state, begin visualizing the entire body, and consciously feel the plaques in the arteries being removed, the salt imbalance being restored to what is just right for your body, the arteries regaining their original, healthy diameter ... in short, whatever it is that the good doctor has told you is the root cause of hypertension in your particular case. This visualization is very powerful: it is the Law of Attraction being put to practice!


At the same time, it is perfectly understandable to not being able to meditate initially. A lifetime of not being "mindful" is a hard habit to crack! So what do you do? This is one great way to begin: use self-Hypnosis. Self-hypnosis is one great way to tell your mind very gently but emphatically, the goal that you desire. It is like an intense, yet calm method to restore the self to a particular state of living.

Self-Hypnosis Lower Blood Pressure Box

Here is one URL where you can find a Self-Hypnosis CD for lowering blood pressure: Costs USD 12.95 for a download, USD 25.95 for a physical CD.

Another technique that simply relaxes you at the end of the day is this: listening to Relaxation CDs. This is the most-diluted and weakest form of reducing hypertension, but effective, nevertheless.

Relaxation CDs - End of the day, Tension Release Box

Here is one URL where you can get a "Tension-Release" CD: Costs USD 24.95 a pop.

Try any one of them. These techniques are much, much better and more effective than those medications which mess with your body. (With apologies to the medical profession; but I not sure whether the good doctors have completely understood how nature works. Most of the time they work with the symptoms, and not the cure. But I may of course be prejudiced.)

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