Tuesday, May 01, 2007

How To Play Like Tiger Woods

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... And Be The Most Successful Golfer Of All Times

"Hail The Future King Of Golf!", I said, "Hail the future Tiger Woods!" My tone was sincere enough, I thought. But my friend deprecatingly laughed it off, as usual. We were walking on the teeing ground, caddie in tow.

Tiger Woods

My friend, let's call him Jim, comes to the golf course every weekend, religiously. I occasionally give him company. Invariably, he would heed towards the green tee markers - the ones meant for beginners. He had started his golfing lessons with the green tee. Today, four months later, he is still stuck there.

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As I watched him struggle with his putts, amused at his feet-stomping and frustrated aarrghs when the ball just wouldn't behave the way he wanted, I remembered his motivation behind learning this game: he wanted to be keep up with his peers at the social club he had recently joined.

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By sheer grit and hard work, he had risen from what he disparagingly describes as the "bottom ranks of wealth-holders" to a position which he describes as "respectable". His gaining entry into this snobbish club was, according to him, a height he had only "dreamt of achieving".

What he "dreamt of achieving" --- he has achieved. Why then hasn't he achieved his dream of improving his golf handicap, even after working at it for so long?

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I think the problem lies in the contradiction between his "Dream" of becoming an expert golfer on the one hand, and his "Self-Esteem" that keeps telling him that he doesn't deserve to be an expert golfer. (Or may be he thinks he doesn't deserve to be in the company of the august people he finds himself in the midst of, nowadays?)

His lack of self-esteem comes through every time he opens his mouth to describe his game: they are all peppered with negativisms about himself: "I am just no good", "this is a problem with me", "I don't think I will be able to get this @#$%& ball into that @#$%^& hole ever"...

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What he needs, I think, is a good dose of positive self-affirmations. If he spends an hour everyday listening to a set of positive visualizations, where he is the King of the Golf Course, and the ball swings exactly as he wants it to swing ... and then when he comes to the course in the weekend, I am sure his game will improve. Here is the perfect CD that I have in mind for him: http://www.short10.com/?c=sdb_hypno_golf1.

Hypnosis CD

Costs USD 12.95 for a download. May be I should gift him a CD on his birthday coming up next Friday (costs USD 25.95 per CD).

May be it will be some while before I can gently advice him to be at ease with his own self, and not keep comparing with the others - whether it is on account of money, or social skills, or "having arrived" ... After he has mastered Golf, there is every chance that he will embark on the next mission of being one up on another set of peers for yet another symbol of wealth. What will it be next? His own yacht? His own private lagoon? Well sure, why not. Aim to be prosperous, but not with the perspective of "being one up". This perspective fuels insecurity and lowers self-esteem.

But as of now, I sure want my friend to be comfortable playing Golf! :)

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  1. Good story about someone who have self-esteem and don't have. In my own opinion, It is useless for someone who have low self-esteem to learn more. Because their self-esteem influence more than their skill.

    I see also many of my friends have similar situation just like your story. They don't get any self-development at all for years.

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