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Did Marie Claire Lucid Dream Her Way From Naples Backstreets To Boulevard Saint Michel?

Peter Sarstedt

How Lucid Dreams Can Take You To The Stars In Reality World

Marie Claire was a poor child, an orphan, who used to roam the backstreets of Naples in Italy.

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Along with her friends, she would beg for sustenance. Her rags covered her dignity barely. Her face would be haggard if she went without food the previous night; and would glow if somebody threw a morsel her way by mistake or with contempt.

Image by William Powell Frith, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London

When night came, and she would lie down under the naked stars, all her muscles aching from the continuous running around for food would give way. Sleep would be almost instantaneous.

And then she would enter her dreamworld. A world where she was the queen. With all the trappings of riches, prosperity, abundance and happiness around for hers to ask and enjoy. She would dream lucidly. While she knew that the reality world around her was a bit beyond her control, she could definitely create an imaginary universe where she could call the shots. And so she dreamed lucidly.

Image courtesy Auroville Website

Her continuous focus on positive thoughts began yielding some amazing results. Soon, people began coming into her life - people who were kind to her, people who loved her, people who wanted the best in the world for her. She attracted into her world people who would lift her up from the streets of Naples, to the dizzying perches of the rich and the famous!

Sophia Lauren, image from

She went on to study at the Sorbonne.

de la Sorbonne - Paris, Apokrif

She got herself a beautiful apartment at the Boulevard Saint-Michel in Paris. Diamonds and pearls would stud her dress and her makeup.

Spotted Pony

People began comparing her with the likes of Marlene Dietrich and Zizi Jeanmaire.

Marlene Dietrich Zizi Jeanmaire

And dashing men of the day such as Sacha Distel and the Aga Khan became her friends.

Sacha Distel The Aga Khan

She would spend her summer vacation at the Juan-les-Pins, and her winter would be spent at Saint Moritz.

Juan-les-Pins Image by Ingo, VirtualTourist.Com


The power of lucid dreaming.

If you think you deserve this life yourself, and if you are still stuck in your own "backstreets of Naples", and want to attract the right conditions and the right kind of people in your life - then practicing lucid dreaming is one solution.

Image courtesy Auroville Website

Here's the website where you can pick up a Lucid Dreaming Kit, if you care about yourself: Costs USD 59.95.


And, oh, in case you are wondering who this Marie Claire is, check out this song, sung by Peter Sarstedt:


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