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Auto-Suggestions During Day-time, And Lucid Dreaming At Night - A Powerful Combination!

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A Focused, Positive Approach Throughout The Waking Hours Accelerates All Healing And Self-Improvement

Now here's a super-powerful combination that I have been working on - and it is giving results!

A student of mine had a problem with letting go off the past. The nightmares would keep recurring with precise and regular frequencies, and the next day would find her brooding over memories that simply refused to fade away.

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Memories that haunted her during waking hours; and dreams that tormented her sleep: it was a double-whammy. The result was showing in all aspects of her life - her performance in the office was deteriorating steadily, her social life was already in a shambles anyway, her husband and kids could no longer understand her, and she was drawing into a supposedly self-protective, but actually self-destructive, cocoon of her own.

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I got her to experiment with two tools simultaneously: I introduced her to the concept of Lucid Dreaming, and explained to her that training oneself to become aware that one is dreaming while in sleep; is the first step of halting, and then reversing the dream sequence which invariably ended in doom and gloom. The moment she became aware that the particular dream clip about her past has begun, she was to immediately intervene (without really waking up!), and stop it. The story line of the movie was to be completely altered, the dialogues uttered by the characters to be scrapped and rewritten, and everything to be done such that the plot took a more positive route, such that she emerged a victor and not a victim.

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To help this change of plot to happen, I asked her to vividly visualize how she wanted the new story to be written: I asked her to visualize her past in such a way that whoever or whatever had tormented her - she would either forgive them and let go, and / or she would "do" something in the revised plot that resulted in just retribution.

I gave her several loose sheaves of paper and asked her to write, re-write and re-re-write the plot in such a way that closure to the past was attained. This she was made to enter into a word document and further polished.

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I proof-read this document to ensure that the sentence structures were small, precise, to the point, and totally devoid of any negative words. I further garnished it with some sentences that were positive self-affirmations.

I made her read the document everyday, like a ritual. This was the second tool - Auto-suggestion.

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It was a happy moment for us when she rang up today - after almost three months of practicing both auto-suggestion and lucid dreaming - to inform that she not only became aware of her recurring dream the previous night, but she actually altered it in the exact way she had been visualizing in her waking hours!

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I know that she is going to ring me up tomorrow again - and then the day later - to report the same success. And I am sure that she will have brought full closure to her particular problem before this month is out. Because the plot of her dream has become positive, the memories during the day time will become less painful; in fact she will now find the will to shrug them off as irrelevant and nonsense. This should positively impact her life in all ways: her performance in her office should improve, her social life should pick up, and joy should return to her family once again.

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What were the two tools I used in her case? One was Lucid Dreaming. Though the Kit here claims that you can begin dreaming lucidly at the end of seven days itself, it usually takes a month or two (in my student's case, three) to be able to become aware of one's dream - if you are not already lucidly dreaming, that is. The Kit recommends and lists certain herbs and multi-vitamin supplements: but I don't agree with that. It is not necessary to take anything of this sort. Especially if you take advantage of the second tool: of auto-suggestion. These herbs and supplements can not only be addictive, they have their own unbearable side-effects.


If you wish to try out Lucid Dreaming yourself and replicate this girl's success in your life too, here is the link: Costs USD 59.95. It's worth every single penny.

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  1. I like your ideas very much :-)

    I wonder if you are pre-empting a load of products that will be released next Tuesday around The Secret

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    Enjoy :-)

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