Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Excessive Alcohol Consumption Nips Careers Right In The Bud

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Underage Drinking: Children Need To Be Taught Self-Control Right From Early Days

The Malady Continues To Plague
Despite all the enlightenment earned by previous generations, and the warnings and remedial measures suggested by them, the newer generations continue to indulge in their binge drinking.

The culture of binge drinking - consuming four or more pegs in one sitting - is well established at the high-school level itself, thank you. Data available on the student population for as recent as 2001 reveal that the proportion of kids drinking and then driving has increased. Forget the law and the traffic cops, who cares. A lot of these kids meet with fatal accidents. Hitting and assaulting each other in the drunken state is quite common, of course.

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And all because nobody taught them self-control.

Employers nowadays do a complete background check before making a final job-offer. If the candidate is found to have been involved in some alcohol-related, uh, embarrassment in the past, the job is denied - no exceptions, and no reasons given.

Professional colleges too conduct these background checks on newly admitted students. Any thing found in the past: and the brakes apply on the student's career.

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And all because they didn't learn self-control.

At the very least, continuous binge drinking leads to poor grades, which doesn't do anything good to one's future for sure.

The HBO has come out with a massive, 14-part, seven-hour series titled "Addiction", in partnership with the NIDA, NIAAA and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, available here.

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This 244-page tome, released by the CASA, doesn't mince any words when describing the widespread epidemic haunting the schools and colleges of the United States: The picture aint very healthy on the campuses!

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Finally, the US Surgeon General's recent press release puts the official, official stamp on the news: There are 11 million underage drinkers in the country, and out of that number, about 7.2 million are considered binge drinkers.

Parents, it is all because nobody told the kids how to control their urges and temptations.

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Possible Solutions
One solution that CASA suggests is to have more family dinners. It has been found that kids, who enjoy their last meal of the day with the entire family around the dining table, are less likely to try out alcohol or drugs or cigarettes. Can you manage this? Can you spend some quality dinner time with the kids? The US is celebrating their Family Day on September 24, 2007. Why only September 24th? Is it possible for you to make as many days of the year your Family Day?

Christmas Dinner - ucsb alumnus

Another good solution, not an alternative, but a complement, is to boost their self-esteem and self-value. Teach them to appreciate what a great asset their body is. Teach them to appreciate that life is too beautiful to be wasted on abuse substances.

Do the kids have a computer at home? They can install this software on their machine: http://www.short10.com/?c=bvis-subliminal. Here is a review about this product: http://www.short10.com/?c=sdb_prdrev_visualsub. It is easy to install, and once you set the configuration, it runs automatically each time the kid boots the system.

Instant Hypnosis Box

Are the kids already going down the path of alcoholism? Putting them on self-hypnosis therapy is one positive way to get them back on track. Here is one CD that helps: http://www.short10.com/?c=sdb_hypno_alcohol. Costs USD 12.95 a download.