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Men, Depression, And Possible Solutions

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Depression: The Wide-Spread Malady
It is not the ordinary guy in the next cubicle who might be suffering from Depression. The rich, the famous and the mighty too have faced this malady. Whether it was impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh...

Vincent van Gogh

... Or the Nobel Laureate Sir Winston Churchill...

Winston Churchill

... they have all gone through the dark swings in their moods at some time or the other in their life, in some cases ending it due to depression.

They Are From Mars, You See
Men are supposed to be the strong, silent types - who can endure whatever stress and strain come their way. They tend to align their personality with this image of manhood in society, and put on camouflages that hide the stress and the strain gnawing at their innards. The final manifestation? Depression.

Sadly, this depression manifests itself not as depression, but in the form of one or the other defense mechanisms, such as compensation (displaying some other behavior because they are not supposed to let their true reality be revealed: alcoholism, wife-abuse, continuous irritability, and the like), or substitution, or even denial. And when the depression becomes chronic enough, it somatizes into diseases such as heart attacks and strokes.

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After a person is diagnosed as depressive, one from a range of solutions may be administered to him: stress-chemical blockers, De-Hydro-Epi-Andro-sterone (DHEA) hormone therapy, stimulating the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) with the help of electrodes, and the like.

One solution that offers a lot of promise is the psychotherapy technique of self-hypnosis. The way a self-hypnosis session works is as follows:

1. For the first five to fifteen minutes, the subject is made to relax his body and mind with the help of some soothing background music. A soft voice takes his attention to the different parts of his body, from the toes to the head, progressively relaxing them.

2. This progressive relaxation makes the body go limp. The mind too relaxes, and becomes receptive to further suggestions from the recorded voice.

3. The suggestions form the meat of the session. It is these suggestions that address the core issues that a depressive person faces: emotions bottled up, with no valve to release; negative thought patterns, ingrained deep in the psyche, with no respite or let; and frustrations, which keep eating into his sense of well-being and happiness. The suggestions are positive in nature, and help the person in releasing the emotions, create new and positive thought patterns, and dissolve away the frustrations.

4. At the end of the session, the person is brought back to the "physical world", by regaining alertness about his body and his surroundings.


One such Self-Hypnosis CD that works on depression is available here: Costs USD 12.95 for a download.

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