Thursday, February 01, 2007

Learn A Good Habit - The 'Motivator' Way!

Powerful Software That Keeps Reminding You Of Your Goal! And It's Free ... :)

It was Matt's email and his post on the Self-Development Forum that brought me to the site:

The young boy jumping with joy on the landing page, the lush Windows-Xp-esque grasslands in the background, and the byline - "Break free of limiting habits!" ... Matt's claim of "free" seemed too good to be true ... you know, how these marketing guys are ... so while reading through the copy, I kept searching for that small footprint, that small hook that tells you: wink, wink ... the basic version is free, or it works for a limited number of days, and then you got to pay this much in order to activate it ... but nein, there is no such statement to be found anywhere. The product is free, through and through.

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What is this product about? Here's how you use it:

1. Decide on one single (and good) habit that you wish to inculcate in yourself. It could be as plain-vanilla (plain-vanilla?) as "not slouching while you are sitting", or as profound as "think positive thoughts about yourself all the time".

2. Now prepare a list of five, six messages around the particular theme that you have worked out in step 1. They have to be crisp, short, positive, and to the point.

3. Feed this list in the software.

4. Set the configuration to make the messages pop up, say once every hour. There are actually quite cool settings in there. In the "Advanced" tab, I set the "effects" to "Fade" for both "show" and "hide". In the window background, I selected "Gradient" with different start and end colors, so that I got a vignette effect.

Now, every 30 minutes, a silent message slowly forms on the right-hand bottom of this screen, and fades away slowly. It is like an angel who just asks me to take a pause from my work, makes me take a look at what it has to say, and then fades away.

Pic by Greg Olsen, stock.Xchng

By repeatedly sending out the messages to you, the software works on a simple premise about human nature: what you keep thinking on, becomes a habit. The fading in and fading out doesn't really hamper my work, but it gives me a moment to pause, reaffirm my conscious decision to imbibe a good habit, and move on. That is what this product is all about.

Worth using it, eh? And worth distributing it to one's friends, too! Here it is, again:

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