Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Add-On CD For Subliminal Power Software

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This email from the subliminal power website can easily escape attention. But the CD that it talks about deserves more than passing attention.

The Add-On CD I am referring to is available here: http://www.short10.com/?c=sdb_sp_addon.

The CD has over hundred programs spread across thirteen categories, covering practically every area of life where people normally look for improvement in. Each category has at least four scripts (the website calls them, for some strange reason, "programs"); each script comprises sets of positive self-affirmative message texts pertaining to that issue. Here is a listing of the categories along with the number of scripts each has:

1. Brain Power - 6
2. Business Success - 10
3. Your Personality - 8
4. How You View Yourself - 7
5. Physical Body - 8
6. Health Matters - 13
7. Relationships - 8
8. Men's Stuff (R18) - 4
9. Women's Stuff (R18) - 4
10. Fears and Phobias - 11
11. Stopping Addictions - 5
12. Sporting Skills - 9
13. Hobbies and Misc. - 11

Total = 104!

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After installing the CD, you just have to tick the desired program, and the software begins flashing the message texts.

The add-on CD also contains six hours of stereo music and one hour of binaural beats that can be listened to using headphones. Another hour of music combines special audio techniques. Together, these eight hours of music make the mind more receptive to the messages flashing subliminally.

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Costs USD 39.95 a pop: http://www.short10.com/?c=sdb_sp_addon.

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