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Watch Out! Your Hidden Secrets Tumble Out When You Open Your Mouth!

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David John Oates And Reverse Speech

Reverse Speech
One startling concept about speech and its relation to psyche that has been circulating in the world of human knowledge is that of Reverse Speech. The brain behind this concept is researcher David John Oates from Australia.

David John Oates

According to this concept, every human being communicates at two levels. The first level is the outward, superficial level which is in the form of the audible sound that they make when they start exercising their buccal cavity. What you hear is the conscious mind filtering the thoughts of the mind and presenting a sanitized, "politically correct" audio. Which the speaker wants you to hear.

However, unbeknown to the very same speaker, while they are jaw-jawing, their hidden thoughts are also tumbling out in the same audible speech! These hidden thoughts are the primeval, basal thought processes that the speaker does not want to reveal to anybody (perhaps even to themselves?). These are the truly subliminal thoughts.

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The only way to know what these hidden thoughts are, according to Mr. Oates, is to listen to the audible speech in reverse! It is that simple! I have posted an article on subliminal messaging and reverse speech on the QPN blog here.

Girl recording speech, Research Lab in Speech Acoustics And Perception, Ohio

Mr. Oates' book - "Reverse Speech: Voices of the Unconscious" appeared in 1996, and he has been coming out with evidence after evidence of Reverse Speech actually revealing the true thought processes going on in the speaker's psyche.

The Latest Revelations: The State of the Union Address
Mr. Oates switched on his Reverse Speech machines while President Bush was delivering his State of the Union Address on 23 January 2007.

President Bush

The results of David Oates' reverse speech recording makes some interesting, uh, revelations, shall we say? Here are some snippets of the address played in reverse:

Subliminal Messaging Audios
Subliminal Messaging audio CDs have been quick in incorporating this technology in their recordings. After playing self-affirmation messages at below-whisper level in the normal fashion, the CDs reverse the same normally-recorded audio and play it, to the background tune of binaural beats for added effect. As it is, the recording is not audible to the conscious ears. But with the help of binaural beats, when the reverse speech reaches the subconscious, it is the subconscious that flips it back to forward speech, and understands it in toto, and gets to working on them. The magic of self-transformation begins!

Here is the link to these CDs:

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