Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lucid Dreaming Kit - A New Add-On: A 'Pure Prompts' CD

This Sixty-Minute Recording Uses A Known Reality Prompt

Pure Prompts

While Lucid Dreamers were still savoring the joys of the new Eight-Hour CD that is an add-on to the Lucid Dreaming Kit, here comes yet another add-on from the stable: a sixty-minute recording that is nothing but pure prompts.

While anybody can buy it and slip into their players, the prompts are derived from the "Audio Stimulation CD" that comes as part of the original Lucid Dreaming Kit. It is the same voice that speaks. This means that lucid dreamers who are already used to this and the other, eight-hour CD will find no difficulty tuning into the latest version.

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There are people who find any music playing in the background distracting, while they are trying to enter the sleep mode. As there is no music or noise in this particular CD, these individuals can slip into their slumber quickly and also enjoy lucid dreaming at the right REM phase.

Though the promo page says that you can listen to it without headphones and that it won't disturb your partner, I reckon that before long, even your partner too would begin to enjoy dreaming lucidly too! :D

Bora Subakan

At $29.95 a pop, it may be worth trying. Here's the link:

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  1. I bought this add on too ages back, to be honest for about 6 months i havent even touched this version, the other audio stimulation is just annoying, i dont prefer the music that plays but the pure prompts is just what it says pure prompts!, hopefully tonight ill try it out finally, lol. hey have you already discussed the add on about the 8-hours version, i bought that too but havent touched that too b/c its tooo big for my mp3, do you have a link available to the original page i orederd it from (the 8 hours version?) thanks 4 posting about this. byeeeeeeeeee