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Curing Writer's Block - Two Techniques

Solutions From The Self-Dev Industry

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Writers' bệte noire - The Writer's Block
All of us writers go through this state of mind at least once in our working career - when the mind simply refuses to provide any creative inputs on the work lying before us. There is a deadline to be met, perhaps this evening, or worse, in the next one hour, and here we are, pen / paper in hand or the notepad on our screen. And the mind is blanked out. Totally. Absolutely. Not a single word. Not a single idea. No nothing. Just plain, blank and barren - like [ ... enough, enough ... no more creative metaphors, i say! :) ]

It is as if there is a barricade come in the way, holding back the stream of creative juices that would otherwise wash over the consciousness. Till the barricade dissolves or disintegrates, one just has to keep twiddling one's thumbs, hoping for the best!

Henry Roth's Case
A celebrated case of writer's block is that of American novelist Henry Roth, who wrote his epic - Call To Sleep, a study of the psychology of a small child. This book appears in the list of the top one hundred English-language novels produced from 1923 to the present, compiled by the Time Magazine. After producing the book in 1934, Roth simply dropped out of sight, only to re-emerge in the limelight after a whopping sixty years, in 1994. This dropping out is attributed to writer's block. And when he began writing again, he produced yet another masterpiece - Mercy of A Rude Stream.

pic of Henry Roth Call To Sleep

Writer's block can be real devastating to the genius and career of a writer, isn't it?

How Can Movies Be Left Behind

Movies have capitalized on this particular condition of writers to the hilt, often producing psychological thrillers with the usual drama and mystery. Witness, for example, the movie: Secret Window, based on the novella Secret Window, Secret Garden by Stephen King.

Still From The Movie 'Secret Window'

The movie begins with the chief protagonist discovering that he is unable to write any further because of his writer's block; and ends after a lot of twists and turns, a few murders et al, with his recovering from the condition.

Solution From The Self-Dev World

There is not one, but at least two different solutions readily available to such writers. Here they are:

  1. The Self-Hypnosis technique: Tried and tested. You can listen to the CD in the privacy of your home. Very gradually, feel the creative juices begin to flow once again in you. Here is the link: Costs $12.95 for a download, $25.95 for a CD.

View of Self-Hypnosis CD for Curing Writer's Block

  1. Binaural Beats technique: Again, tried and tested. This technique uses the famed binaural beats that entrain the brain to very low frequencies (ELF), at which state it is able to accept suggestions more readily. These suggestions egg on one's subconscious to open up the creative taps. Here is the link: Costs $39.95 for the CD.
View of Binaural Beats CD for Curing Writer's Block

Now, if only these technologies were available way back in 1934! The world would have had the opportunity to savor more of the creative juices that geniuses like Henry Roth had the capability to produce!

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