Friday, January 26, 2007

Watch Out! Your Hidden Secrets Tumble Out When You Open Your Mouth!

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David John Oates And Reverse Speech

Reverse Speech
One startling concept about speech and its relation to psyche that has been circulating in the world of human knowledge is that of Reverse Speech. The brain behind this concept is researcher David John Oates from Australia.

David John Oates

According to this concept, every human being communicates at two levels. The first level is the outward, superficial level which is in the form of the audible sound that they make when they start exercising their buccal cavity. What you hear is the conscious mind filtering the thoughts of the mind and presenting a sanitized, "politically correct" audio. Which the speaker wants you to hear.

However, unbeknown to the very same speaker, while they are jaw-jawing, their hidden thoughts are also tumbling out in the same audible speech! These hidden thoughts are the primeval, basal thought processes that the speaker does not want to reveal to anybody (perhaps even to themselves?). These are the truly subliminal thoughts.

Sharing a secret! :) Pic by Steve Woods, stock.Xchng

The only way to know what these hidden thoughts are, according to Mr. Oates, is to listen to the audible speech in reverse! It is that simple! I have posted an article on subliminal messaging and reverse speech on the QPN blog here.

Girl recording speech, Research Lab in Speech Acoustics And Perception, Ohio

Mr. Oates' book - "Reverse Speech: Voices of the Unconscious" appeared in 1996, and he has been coming out with evidence after evidence of Reverse Speech actually revealing the true thought processes going on in the speaker's psyche.

The Latest Revelations: The State of the Union Address
Mr. Oates switched on his Reverse Speech machines while President Bush was delivering his State of the Union Address on 23 January 2007.

President Bush

The results of David Oates' reverse speech recording makes some interesting, uh, revelations, shall we say? Here are some snippets of the address played in reverse:

Subliminal Messaging Audios
Subliminal Messaging audio CDs have been quick in incorporating this technology in their recordings. After playing self-affirmation messages at below-whisper level in the normal fashion, the CDs reverse the same normally-recorded audio and play it, to the background tune of binaural beats for added effect. As it is, the recording is not audible to the conscious ears. But with the help of binaural beats, when the reverse speech reaches the subconscious, it is the subconscious that flips it back to forward speech, and understands it in toto, and gets to working on them. The magic of self-transformation begins!

Here is the link to these CDs:

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Curing Writer's Block - Two Techniques

Solutions From The Self-Dev Industry

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Writers' bệte noire - The Writer's Block
All of us writers go through this state of mind at least once in our working career - when the mind simply refuses to provide any creative inputs on the work lying before us. There is a deadline to be met, perhaps this evening, or worse, in the next one hour, and here we are, pen / paper in hand or the notepad on our screen. And the mind is blanked out. Totally. Absolutely. Not a single word. Not a single idea. No nothing. Just plain, blank and barren - like [ ... enough, enough ... no more creative metaphors, i say! :) ]

It is as if there is a barricade come in the way, holding back the stream of creative juices that would otherwise wash over the consciousness. Till the barricade dissolves or disintegrates, one just has to keep twiddling one's thumbs, hoping for the best!

Henry Roth's Case
A celebrated case of writer's block is that of American novelist Henry Roth, who wrote his epic - Call To Sleep, a study of the psychology of a small child. This book appears in the list of the top one hundred English-language novels produced from 1923 to the present, compiled by the Time Magazine. After producing the book in 1934, Roth simply dropped out of sight, only to re-emerge in the limelight after a whopping sixty years, in 1994. This dropping out is attributed to writer's block. And when he began writing again, he produced yet another masterpiece - Mercy of A Rude Stream.

pic of Henry Roth Call To Sleep

Writer's block can be real devastating to the genius and career of a writer, isn't it?

How Can Movies Be Left Behind

Movies have capitalized on this particular condition of writers to the hilt, often producing psychological thrillers with the usual drama and mystery. Witness, for example, the movie: Secret Window, based on the novella Secret Window, Secret Garden by Stephen King.

Still From The Movie 'Secret Window'

The movie begins with the chief protagonist discovering that he is unable to write any further because of his writer's block; and ends after a lot of twists and turns, a few murders et al, with his recovering from the condition.

Solution From The Self-Dev World

There is not one, but at least two different solutions readily available to such writers. Here they are:

  1. The Self-Hypnosis technique: Tried and tested. You can listen to the CD in the privacy of your home. Very gradually, feel the creative juices begin to flow once again in you. Here is the link: Costs $12.95 for a download, $25.95 for a CD.

View of Self-Hypnosis CD for Curing Writer's Block

  1. Binaural Beats technique: Again, tried and tested. This technique uses the famed binaural beats that entrain the brain to very low frequencies (ELF), at which state it is able to accept suggestions more readily. These suggestions egg on one's subconscious to open up the creative taps. Here is the link: Costs $39.95 for the CD.
View of Binaural Beats CD for Curing Writer's Block

Now, if only these technologies were available way back in 1934! The world would have had the opportunity to savor more of the creative juices that geniuses like Henry Roth had the capability to produce!

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lucid Dreaming Kit - A New Add-On: A 'Pure Prompts' CD

This Sixty-Minute Recording Uses A Known Reality Prompt

Pure Prompts

While Lucid Dreamers were still savoring the joys of the new Eight-Hour CD that is an add-on to the Lucid Dreaming Kit, here comes yet another add-on from the stable: a sixty-minute recording that is nothing but pure prompts.

While anybody can buy it and slip into their players, the prompts are derived from the "Audio Stimulation CD" that comes as part of the original Lucid Dreaming Kit. It is the same voice that speaks. This means that lucid dreamers who are already used to this and the other, eight-hour CD will find no difficulty tuning into the latest version.

Pic By J. Blarer, stock.Xchng

There are people who find any music playing in the background distracting, while they are trying to enter the sleep mode. As there is no music or noise in this particular CD, these individuals can slip into their slumber quickly and also enjoy lucid dreaming at the right REM phase.

Though the promo page says that you can listen to it without headphones and that it won't disturb your partner, I reckon that before long, even your partner too would begin to enjoy dreaming lucidly too! :D

Bora Subakan

At $29.95 a pop, it may be worth trying. Here's the link:

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Friday, January 05, 2007

World Hypnotism Day - January 4th

January 4th is when practising hypnotherapists and hypnotists celebrate World Hypnotism Day. This day is dedicated to the memory of the legendary Dean of American Hypnotists - Ormond McGill.

Ormond McGill

Author of the seminal - "The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism", Ormond McGill died October 19, 2005 in Palo Alto, California.

Book By Ormond McGill

This blog joins the Hypnotist community in paying respect to this legend.
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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Janus - A Worthy Icon For The Self-Dev Industry?

The Self-Development Industry Can Do With An Icon!

An Icon For The Industry
Every industry has an icon that represents it. The icon could be mythological or historical, and usually stands for values that the industry espouses. For example, the winged-staff-with-two-snakes is a graphic symbol associated with Medicine:

Caduceus Graphic

Or whenever you see the symbol of a wheel like this:

Dharmacakra - Symbol of Buddhism

... you know that you are interfacing with Buddhism.

Underpinnings Of The Industry
Looking back, from the vantage point of the first week of the first month of a new year, one can see the distance that the self-help self-development industry has traversed. Although nobody seems to have undertaken any formal study that traces the trajectory this industry has followed over the years; clearly it is an offshoot of the general field of alternative medicines and New Age movement, with transpersonal psychology, psychosynthesis and perennial philosophy being the strong underpinnings, upholding the edifice. The movements of Integral Theory and Integral Psychology seem to have strongly influenced self-development, holistically covering the entire spectrum of body, mind psyche and spirit in their totality, without shying away from exploring the unconscious and conscious dimensions of the psyche.

Emile Coue William James
Sigmund Freud Abraham Maslow

Of late, cinema has become a powerful medium, with documentaries such as "The Secret" and "What The Bleep Do We Know?" capturing popular imagination like never before. These movies have attracted public attention to the possible benefits of self-help ideas and products in a very short span of time, something that would have taken further decades of marketing to achieve.

What The Bleep Do We Know? The Secret (Movie)

So the next time, guys and gals, when you decide to pop in that CD to burn yet another hypnotherapy session, or create a subliminal recording that resolves the deepest issues hidden in a subject's psyche, or write that ebook best-seller that gets regurgitated twenty times and sold under the name of twenty different authors, or generate that .wav brain-entrainment file that elevates the listener to nirvana, ... pause for a moment to fill your heart with the pride of the rich legacy that your business is founded on!

Janus - A Worthy Icon?
Which brings me back to the theme of this blog post. Perhaps it is time for the self-help self-development industry to create a distinct insignia of its own? Something that the public can identify instantly with, like the Caduceus staff or the Dharmacakra graphic?

Janus, as is well-known, is a two-headed Roman God. Janus has the ability to look in two opposite directions simultaneously, and process the information received holistically (ah, well, that must be how it works). Janus symbolizes the progression of past to future, of the ebbing of life from one condition to another. The month of January, the month of making resolutions, is of course, named after this God.

The raison d'etre of the self-help self-development industry is in alignment with what Janus stands for. Progression of past to future, on the vehicle of a resolution. Perhaps Janus could be a worthy icon for us?


A Happy New Year To You! May Your Resolutions Be Achieved This Year! :)
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