Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The World Of Subliminality - A Bird's Eyeview

A Brief Primer On Subliminal Technology

This is a brief primer on subliminal technology for all those newbies who would like to experience it as a self-development tool, but didn't know who to ask.

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The self-development-through-subliminal-messages-domain has two streams at the moment: audio and visual. In the audio stream, you listen to CDs (readymade or prepared by you) through a stereophonic headphone; in the visual stream, you install a software on your computer; this software then throws messages at you subliminally while you are working, in such a way that your work is not disturbed.

Visual-subliminal-messaging softwares allow you to devise your messages, on issues that are relevant in your life. You just buy the software, write your set of messages, feed them in, and play.

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To customize audio-subliminal-messaging and prepare your own CD, you need to buy special-purpose software. The software gives you the ability to bed your messages in soundtracks that can generate 'binaural beats', reverse-speech, and stereo-confusion.

Here are some sites where you can explore the technology:

1. For Visual Subliminal Messaging software:

2. For readymade audio subliminal Messaging CDs:

3. To make your audio subliminal CDs:

How can one go about delving into subliminality technology for self-development? If you spend a lot of time on the computer, perhaps you could buy the visual subliminal to begin with. If you are able to spare an hour everyday when you can simply relax and let go, you could consider buying and popping in an audio sublim CD in the player and listen to it. Once you are comfortable with the sublim techniques involved, you could experiment with your very own audio sublim CD by buying those special-purpose softwares such as the one listed above. Take one step at a time, and feel the difference this technology makes in your life.

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

The New 'Eight Hour CD' Add-On In Lucid Dreaming Kit

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Up to Five Lucid Dreams In One Night, Every Night

The Lucid Dreaming Kit (LDK), as those who have bought it or heard about it are aware, comes with the following items:

1. The course itself - this is in PDF form, password-protected;

2. A "Dream Log" - this is a computer diary, where you log your dream experiences.

3. A "Reality Prompter" - when installed, this software keeps popping up MSN-Messenger style boxes on the bottom-right of the screen.

4. A "Dreamscape" screensaver - very beautiful, part-real, part-surreal images float by.

5. The Audio Music track, useful when you are preparing yourself to sleep.

The Audio Music track is a seventy-two minute CD that I have personally found to be most useful. It has monaural beats, binaural beats, and auto-pan modulation ... the works. The "Am I Dreaming" and the "Do a reality test, now!" audio prompts are now well familiar to LDK users. I had an old lady of sixty-five, insomniac for the past ten years; she went to deep sleep like a just-born infant while listening to this CD.

Eight-Hour  CD

The Eight-Hour CD is an extension of the seventy-two minute CD. The features that set this new CD apart from its predecessor are as follows:

1. Throughout the eight hours, the CD plays a soothing ambient music. This ambient background also implies that the dreamer need not put on any headphones. Of course, this applies if there is nobody else sleeping in the same room!

2. The CD begins with a brief intro, then takes the dreamer from about 20Hz low-beta to about 8Hz low-alpha. Then there is a descent to 4Hz theta, with spiky returns to 8Hz low-alpha. This continues for sixteen minutes. There are eleven stages that follow this stage, each of them for a precise time period, and each of them spiking to different frequency levels but dropping back to 8Hz at the end of every stage.

Pic By Pawel Kryj, stock.Xchng

So what the new CD does is to entrain the brain to specific frequencies throughout the dreamer's sleep, making use of the FFR (Frequency Following Response) phenomenon. This ensures that the audio prompts "Am I Dreaming" and "Do a reality test, now!" go out almost precisely when the dreamer is in REM sleep. The technology behind the CD estimates five REM periods in these eight hours, and so the chance of your getting Lucid Dreams increase five-fold!

The full detail of the twelve tracks, including the frequencies involved, is available here:

This CD is priced at $39.95, available separately from the LDK here: LDK itself is priced at $59.95.

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Monday, December 18, 2006

Gift Something Different To Your Loved Ones This Christmas!

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A Gift That Endures And Changes Their Life!

It is a scene that repeats itself year after year: come Christmas and New Year time, and we find ourselves browsing through online and offline stores for that unique gift that we think our friends, relatives or that special someone is going to like and enjoy.

What is it going to be this time? What do I present my beloved that they are going to really, really enjoy and appreciate? Go back over the last time when you had handed the gift to your loved one, and remember the expression on their face as they removed the glossy wrap around the gift and as it emerged in their hands (presuming of course, that it was a wrappable gift).

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How good were you in the guessing game last time? How well do you know him or her? Were you right on target in catching the hint he or she was throwing in the air about what was being expected of you? Or did you miss the target by a few miles? And was the act of giving one of joy or one of stress?

Whatever be your experience last Christmas or New Year; you want to be absolutely right this time. So, very patiently, you once again go over the possible options spread out on the table with the proverbial comb. Keeping the image and personality of that someone in your mind very firmly, you look at the gift catalog once again. Ummm ... will he or she like these photo frames? What about the bottles of wine from California? Or what about some good quality clothing? Shoes? Or may be one of those new electronic gadgets and goodies? If only there were some genie who would come to the rescue!

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May be this time is the best time to look back and see how your earlier gifts have fared in the life of your near and dear ones? That photo frame you had spent so much time in selecting from the clutch of frames the salesgirl showed you? It has either become a utility thing, no value attached to it, just one among the other ignored artifacts on the wall. Or worse, dumped in the attic. And those bottles of wine? Well, they were consumed at the first available opportunity, processed by the body's metabolism, and flushed away! The clothing? The shoes? Used, worn and torn. Or they turned out to be a tad out-of-size, and disposed off in the spring cleanup. The new electronic gadgets and goodies? Even newer and cooler items keep coming to the shelf everyday, man!

May be this time is the best time to ask yourself: Are you gifting just for the heck of gifting? Is it a ritual that you want to be done with and move on? Or is it an occasion that you can well and truly utilize to make a difference to the life of the individuals you care about?

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May be this time is the best time to introspect on the _needs_, rather than the _wants_ of the person you want to gift. Perhaps he or she is struggling with some issue for quite some time? Perhaps it is a health problem that is torturing them? Obesity, hypertension, insomnia? Depression, baldness, excessive sweating, morning sickness? Or perhaps there is some phobia, fear or addiction that is chasing them, demon-like? Or it is excessive smoking or alcohol which is ruining their innards? Or perhaps the person in your life wants oodles of confidence and esteem about themselves - may be to get that dream job, or pass that prestigious exam? Or may be the person you want a gift for has some special sixth-sense abilities, which can do with further training and guidance? Or perhaps you perceive that this particular individual has everything going just right, now if only they could take the right decisions at just the right time?

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Think. Reflect. Whatever be your experience last Christmas or New Year; you want to be absolutely right this time, don't you?

It is sad that self-development products don't find a place in most popular online or offline stores as potential gift items. Yet. That is because there is usually no glamour value attached to them, as say a bottle of wine or that box of cigar does. It might take some film star or sports personality to endorse them, or a blockbuster movie to have a scene involving the hero or heroine giving a self-dev product away as gift, to trigger interest in them in the masses.

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May be this time you might not want to follow the herd. And wait for a film star to endorse a self-hypnosis CD in order for you to feel the urge to follow their lead. Or for a movie featuring a popular icon giving away a subliminal Audio CD to their love interest so that _you_ become interested. Or for a sports personality to tattoo a "I'm A Lucid Dreamer!" on their forearm to buy for your beloved that Lucid Dreaming Kit that is now quietly becoming the rage.

Instant Hypnosis CD

May be this time you might want to take a look at these other options. For a list of self-hypnosis CDs on a wide range of issues, surf this site: If you are looking for subliminal Audio CDs, then this site stocks some of the best stuff: The self-hypnosis CDs aren't expensive: one CD costs $25.95, the Subliminal Audio CDs are priced $19.95 each. Buy a good quality CD player and a sleek stereophonic headphone, and you have a superb Christmas Gift!
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The increasingly popular Lucid Dreaming Kit can be bought from this site: The price? $59.95. The powerful eighteen-week psychic-skill development course can be picked up from this place: This package costs $99.95.

May be this time you could make a true difference in their life?

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Subliminal Studio - How To Write Your Own Messages

The Right Set Of Affirmations Make Deep-Rooted Changes In The Subconscious

The best advantage of Subliminal Studio Software is that it can be used to code messages for specific situations / issues in one's life for which generic subliminal audios do not exist.

Such examples abound. Counselors come across such instances daily when they wish there were some huge stock available of subliminal audios for all imaginable situations that human beings can ever face. Wishful thinking, I know.

So, after buying this software, getting a good quality stereophonic headphone with an inbuilt microphone, and installing the base Adobe Audition Software that comes with the software, the next step to perform is writing self-affirmation messages.

Writing self-affirmation messages is not really an art; however, it requires certain aspects to be borne in mind all the time while doing so. Here are a few tips that I have drawn up; some of them are already present in the handy PDF manual that comes with the software, while others are culled from my experiences guiding others in using the software.

Tip 1. The first tip is to always focus on one issue at a time. One subliminal audio track should tackle only one issue. This gives clarity to the subconscious mind on what it is receiving when the track begins playing; and it is totally absorbed in receiving the stream of messages on that one single aspect to be imbibed and converted into reality. Any message on any other issue can disturb this rhythm, as the subconscious then has to handle it separately, and the net effect is diluted.

My advice: Write down the issue on the top of the paper or notepad first and foremost. This becomes the "goal" of the exercise. After writing one affirmation; keep checking it with the goal, and look out for any possible veering away or defocusing.

Tip 2. Keep the affirmations crisp and precise. Keep them short. No long-winded statements. Just like in this particular tip.

Tip 3. Be very specific. Don’t use flowery language or poetry. No similes. (Example: "I sleep like a log." Say "I enjoy a deep sleep.") No metaphors. (Example: "I grab the bull of challenges by its horns." Say "I enjoy challenges." This one came from a lad who had problems with getting a job; needless to say he had just completed his English literature course with top honors.) No metonymy, no synecdoche, no allegory ... I can run through the entire list of rhetoric and literary devices, but you get the drift. We are talking about training the subconscious mind here. Remember, the subconscious can take them literally! :-)

Tip 4. Always couch the words in positive language. Put differently, don't use negative words. Don't say: "I am not scared." Say: "I feel courageous all the time.", or "My courage increases every day."

Tip 5. Use the form "It is now okay to ..." When you say to yourself thus - "It is now okay to " you are actually interacting with yourself at an emotional level, which the subconscious vibes with. "It is okay to be happy." - (sometimes) gels better than - "I am always happy."

Tip 6. Be realistic. Don't set a specific quantity for whatever it is that you are after. Don't say - "I now weigh sixty kilos." - if you want to be slim; say - "It is okay to be slim.", or "I am now slim", or "I am shedding excess fat from my body everyday.", or "I have just the right body weight".

On another plane, don't say - "I have a hundred million dollars in my account." What if you had the potential to have a hundred billion dollars in your account? By setting such figures, you run the risk of limiting your potential! Say - "I am prosperous." Or "I attract prosperity and riches in my life." And then leave it to the universe to send whatever abundant riches your way, with your subconscious attracting them like a magnet!

Tip 7. I liked this suggestion from Subliminal Studio's PDF manual: include Dr. Emile Coue's affirmation - "Everyday, in every way, I am getting better and better." in your list of messages. It was this Coueism alone - "Tous les jours à tous points de vue je vais de mieux en mieux" (the French equivalent - his native language - of his affirmation), that is said to have cured thousands of ailing patients across Europe and North America in the early 1900s. Indeed, much of subliminality theory is based on the "Applied Conditioning" and "Auto Suggestion" therapy proposed and practiced by him.

Subliminal Studio, in fact, has an entire folder containing twenty generic self-affirmation audio files that are recorded in plain English (no binaurals here). This folder is nothing but an ode to Dr. Emile Coue.

Tip 8. This is a question I am often asked: How many affirmation messages for one goal? One? Five? Ten? Twenty? How much? My answer is - have as many as you are comfortable with. The only condition is: follow Tips 1 to 7.

I referred to the folder containing those generic audio files; you may wish to listen to them first, to get further experience on how your own messages can be crafted.

So, once you have the list of affirmations ready, you are all set to record them!

Dr. Emile Coue

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Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas Goodies From MyHelpHub Team! :)

It was a brilliant red letter from MyHelpHub - they always do it in style! Though Christmas is still two fortnights away (it's 8th Dec today), people appear to have got into the mood already.

The goodies they are giving away this time are real heavy - enough to make Santa huff and puff his way down the chimney. And they are enough to make any self-dev enthusiast drool!

* There is this huge screensaver for starters: 64 high resolution pictures with those snow particles drizzling down the screen. Three full-length Christmas Jazz music. The letter self-effacingly talks about the saver being "a rather large 40Mb" - as if anybody would mind its size. There's another small packet of 18Mb, containing four more screensavers - it is a season of abundance. Plus, there's a sixth screensaver, worth 250+ images, packed separately.

* Another huge packet in the sack of goodies is a 75Mb zip file containing 10 beautiful soundscapes that I can use for my meditation.

As if this wasn't enough for Santa's plight, here's another bundle:

* Two Free Hypnosis Downloads of one's choice - hey team, how do I let the public know about this one? There is a huge crowd out there waiting for a grab at this particular freebie!

* Thirteen Ebooks
: "How To Get The Truth Out Of Anyone"
: "Discover EFT, With The Ultimate Manual"
: "Holistic Healing Secrets"
: "Advanced Memory Course"
: "Overcoming Addictions Book"
: "The Ultimate Self-Esteem Workbook"
: "47 Secret Herbal Remedies"
: "177 Ways To Burn Those Calories"
: "404 Self-Improvement Tips"
: "Introduction to Hypnosis"
: "Notes From A Friend", by Tony Robbins <- The first book I picked up!

: "Overcoming Depression"
: "Overcoming Fear"

* Audio Interviews With Shelby Collinge and Jo Condrill. * Discounts on the following three softwares - a. Binaural Beats:
b. Relaxation CDs:
c. Subliminal Audio CDs:

The discount? 30%! Then t
here is a 10% discount coupon on Subliminal Power software! Now I wish I knew this before!

More discounts follow!

a. The Absolute Secret: lop off $10.
b. The Speed Reading Secret: available at $10 less.
c. Brain Bullet Software: Reduced by $20.
d. Be Psychic Course: Reduced by $20.

What did I do to be the beneficiary of all these riches? Besides being a good human being all through the year, I had also signed up myHelpHub's newsletter; and that was all ...

So - if you want to grab all this fun - yes, it is good to be greedy at times! - write to, requesting to sign up for their newsletter. Or contact them here -

With glee, I now proceed to take a closer look at all that Santa has given me ... :)

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