Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The World Of Subliminality - A Bird's Eyeview

A Brief Primer On Subliminal Technology

This is a brief primer on subliminal technology for all those newbies who would like to experience it as a self-development tool, but didn't know who to ask.

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The self-development-through-subliminal-messages-domain has two streams at the moment: audio and visual. In the audio stream, you listen to CDs (readymade or prepared by you) through a stereophonic headphone; in the visual stream, you install a software on your computer; this software then throws messages at you subliminally while you are working, in such a way that your work is not disturbed.

Visual-subliminal-messaging softwares allow you to devise your messages, on issues that are relevant in your life. You just buy the software, write your set of messages, feed them in, and play.

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To customize audio-subliminal-messaging and prepare your own CD, you need to buy special-purpose software. The software gives you the ability to bed your messages in soundtracks that can generate 'binaural beats', reverse-speech, and stereo-confusion.

Here are some sites where you can explore the technology:

1. For Visual Subliminal Messaging software:

2. For readymade audio subliminal Messaging CDs:

3. To make your audio subliminal CDs:

How can one go about delving into subliminality technology for self-development? If you spend a lot of time on the computer, perhaps you could buy the visual subliminal to begin with. If you are able to spare an hour everyday when you can simply relax and let go, you could consider buying and popping in an audio sublim CD in the player and listen to it. Once you are comfortable with the sublim techniques involved, you could experiment with your very own audio sublim CD by buying those special-purpose softwares such as the one listed above. Take one step at a time, and feel the difference this technology makes in your life.

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