Thursday, December 21, 2006

The New 'Eight Hour CD' Add-On In Lucid Dreaming Kit

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Up to Five Lucid Dreams In One Night, Every Night

The Lucid Dreaming Kit (LDK), as those who have bought it or heard about it are aware, comes with the following items:

1. The course itself - this is in PDF form, password-protected;

2. A "Dream Log" - this is a computer diary, where you log your dream experiences.

3. A "Reality Prompter" - when installed, this software keeps popping up MSN-Messenger style boxes on the bottom-right of the screen.

4. A "Dreamscape" screensaver - very beautiful, part-real, part-surreal images float by.

5. The Audio Music track, useful when you are preparing yourself to sleep.

The Audio Music track is a seventy-two minute CD that I have personally found to be most useful. It has monaural beats, binaural beats, and auto-pan modulation ... the works. The "Am I Dreaming" and the "Do a reality test, now!" audio prompts are now well familiar to LDK users. I had an old lady of sixty-five, insomniac for the past ten years; she went to deep sleep like a just-born infant while listening to this CD.

Eight-Hour  CD

The Eight-Hour CD is an extension of the seventy-two minute CD. The features that set this new CD apart from its predecessor are as follows:

1. Throughout the eight hours, the CD plays a soothing ambient music. This ambient background also implies that the dreamer need not put on any headphones. Of course, this applies if there is nobody else sleeping in the same room!

2. The CD begins with a brief intro, then takes the dreamer from about 20Hz low-beta to about 8Hz low-alpha. Then there is a descent to 4Hz theta, with spiky returns to 8Hz low-alpha. This continues for sixteen minutes. There are eleven stages that follow this stage, each of them for a precise time period, and each of them spiking to different frequency levels but dropping back to 8Hz at the end of every stage.

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So what the new CD does is to entrain the brain to specific frequencies throughout the dreamer's sleep, making use of the FFR (Frequency Following Response) phenomenon. This ensures that the audio prompts "Am I Dreaming" and "Do a reality test, now!" go out almost precisely when the dreamer is in REM sleep. The technology behind the CD estimates five REM periods in these eight hours, and so the chance of your getting Lucid Dreams increase five-fold!

The full detail of the twelve tracks, including the frequencies involved, is available here:

This CD is priced at $39.95, available separately from the LDK here: LDK itself is priced at $59.95.

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