Monday, December 18, 2006

Gift Something Different To Your Loved Ones This Christmas!

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A Gift That Endures And Changes Their Life!

It is a scene that repeats itself year after year: come Christmas and New Year time, and we find ourselves browsing through online and offline stores for that unique gift that we think our friends, relatives or that special someone is going to like and enjoy.

What is it going to be this time? What do I present my beloved that they are going to really, really enjoy and appreciate? Go back over the last time when you had handed the gift to your loved one, and remember the expression on their face as they removed the glossy wrap around the gift and as it emerged in their hands (presuming of course, that it was a wrappable gift).

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How good were you in the guessing game last time? How well do you know him or her? Were you right on target in catching the hint he or she was throwing in the air about what was being expected of you? Or did you miss the target by a few miles? And was the act of giving one of joy or one of stress?

Whatever be your experience last Christmas or New Year; you want to be absolutely right this time. So, very patiently, you once again go over the possible options spread out on the table with the proverbial comb. Keeping the image and personality of that someone in your mind very firmly, you look at the gift catalog once again. Ummm ... will he or she like these photo frames? What about the bottles of wine from California? Or what about some good quality clothing? Shoes? Or may be one of those new electronic gadgets and goodies? If only there were some genie who would come to the rescue!

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May be this time is the best time to look back and see how your earlier gifts have fared in the life of your near and dear ones? That photo frame you had spent so much time in selecting from the clutch of frames the salesgirl showed you? It has either become a utility thing, no value attached to it, just one among the other ignored artifacts on the wall. Or worse, dumped in the attic. And those bottles of wine? Well, they were consumed at the first available opportunity, processed by the body's metabolism, and flushed away! The clothing? The shoes? Used, worn and torn. Or they turned out to be a tad out-of-size, and disposed off in the spring cleanup. The new electronic gadgets and goodies? Even newer and cooler items keep coming to the shelf everyday, man!

May be this time is the best time to ask yourself: Are you gifting just for the heck of gifting? Is it a ritual that you want to be done with and move on? Or is it an occasion that you can well and truly utilize to make a difference to the life of the individuals you care about?

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May be this time is the best time to introspect on the _needs_, rather than the _wants_ of the person you want to gift. Perhaps he or she is struggling with some issue for quite some time? Perhaps it is a health problem that is torturing them? Obesity, hypertension, insomnia? Depression, baldness, excessive sweating, morning sickness? Or perhaps there is some phobia, fear or addiction that is chasing them, demon-like? Or it is excessive smoking or alcohol which is ruining their innards? Or perhaps the person in your life wants oodles of confidence and esteem about themselves - may be to get that dream job, or pass that prestigious exam? Or may be the person you want a gift for has some special sixth-sense abilities, which can do with further training and guidance? Or perhaps you perceive that this particular individual has everything going just right, now if only they could take the right decisions at just the right time?

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Think. Reflect. Whatever be your experience last Christmas or New Year; you want to be absolutely right this time, don't you?

It is sad that self-development products don't find a place in most popular online or offline stores as potential gift items. Yet. That is because there is usually no glamour value attached to them, as say a bottle of wine or that box of cigar does. It might take some film star or sports personality to endorse them, or a blockbuster movie to have a scene involving the hero or heroine giving a self-dev product away as gift, to trigger interest in them in the masses.

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May be this time you might not want to follow the herd. And wait for a film star to endorse a self-hypnosis CD in order for you to feel the urge to follow their lead. Or for a movie featuring a popular icon giving away a subliminal Audio CD to their love interest so that _you_ become interested. Or for a sports personality to tattoo a "I'm A Lucid Dreamer!" on their forearm to buy for your beloved that Lucid Dreaming Kit that is now quietly becoming the rage.

Instant Hypnosis CD

May be this time you might want to take a look at these other options. For a list of self-hypnosis CDs on a wide range of issues, surf this site: If you are looking for subliminal Audio CDs, then this site stocks some of the best stuff: The self-hypnosis CDs aren't expensive: one CD costs $25.95, the Subliminal Audio CDs are priced $19.95 each. Buy a good quality CD player and a sleek stereophonic headphone, and you have a superb Christmas Gift!
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The increasingly popular Lucid Dreaming Kit can be bought from this site: The price? $59.95. The powerful eighteen-week psychic-skill development course can be picked up from this place: This package costs $99.95.

May be this time you could make a true difference in their life?

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