Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas Goodies From MyHelpHub Team! :)

It was a brilliant red letter from MyHelpHub - they always do it in style! Though Christmas is still two fortnights away (it's 8th Dec today), people appear to have got into the mood already.

The goodies they are giving away this time are real heavy - enough to make Santa huff and puff his way down the chimney. And they are enough to make any self-dev enthusiast drool!

* There is this huge screensaver for starters: 64 high resolution pictures with those snow particles drizzling down the screen. Three full-length Christmas Jazz music. The letter self-effacingly talks about the saver being "a rather large 40Mb" - as if anybody would mind its size. There's another small packet of 18Mb, containing four more screensavers - it is a season of abundance. Plus, there's a sixth screensaver, worth 250+ images, packed separately.

* Another huge packet in the sack of goodies is a 75Mb zip file containing 10 beautiful soundscapes that I can use for my meditation.

As if this wasn't enough for Santa's plight, here's another bundle:

* Two Free Hypnosis Downloads of one's choice - hey team, how do I let the public know about this one? There is a huge crowd out there waiting for a grab at this particular freebie!

* Thirteen Ebooks
: "How To Get The Truth Out Of Anyone"
: "Discover EFT, With The Ultimate Manual"
: "Holistic Healing Secrets"
: "Advanced Memory Course"
: "Overcoming Addictions Book"
: "The Ultimate Self-Esteem Workbook"
: "47 Secret Herbal Remedies"
: "177 Ways To Burn Those Calories"
: "404 Self-Improvement Tips"
: "Introduction to Hypnosis"
: "Notes From A Friend", by Tony Robbins <- The first book I picked up!

: "Overcoming Depression"
: "Overcoming Fear"

* Audio Interviews With Shelby Collinge and Jo Condrill. * Discounts on the following three softwares - a. Binaural Beats:
b. Relaxation CDs:
c. Subliminal Audio CDs:

The discount? 30%! Then t
here is a 10% discount coupon on Subliminal Power software! Now I wish I knew this before!

More discounts follow!

a. The Absolute Secret: lop off $10.
b. The Speed Reading Secret: available at $10 less.
c. Brain Bullet Software: Reduced by $20.
d. Be Psychic Course: Reduced by $20.

What did I do to be the beneficiary of all these riches? Besides being a good human being all through the year, I had also signed up myHelpHub's newsletter; and that was all ...

So - if you want to grab all this fun - yes, it is good to be greedy at times! - write to, requesting to sign up for their newsletter. Or contact them here -

With glee, I now proceed to take a closer look at all that Santa has given me ... :)

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  1. i ordered subliminal software
    and got ripped off

    do not buy anything from these people

    Dennis Halsey

    go check my ticket on myhub.shit!