Monday, August 21, 2006

EFT Therapy

Hi everyone,

Recently I was introduced to the concept of EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique. If what it claims is true, it promises to be a very popular alternative to traditional medication.

It was originally used by psychotherapists, but it was noticed that it could also have astounding effects on the physical body too. This is because our emotional wellbeing and our physical wellbeing are directly connected.

I notice that my predecessor, Rob, also believed in this method of healing and posted about it previously, which led me to look into it also. I was fascinated by the technique and am going to look further into its possibilities, and possibly train as a therapist. I suffer from RA and am going to learn how to use this magical acupuncture without needles (as a needle phobic that sounds good to me) and see how it goes. If my condition improves, then that will be proof enough of its validity.

If you would like to know more about EFT then visit and download the free manual. Worth a read, then if like me you want to know more, why not invest in the DVD collection.

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