Saturday, July 29, 2006

Life's Journey

Self development has long been an interest of mine, but recently I decided to look deeper into its possibilities. That is why I am now studying the Sedona method ( and in order to reach my full potential.

It was while I was discussing this course with a friend of mine, Karl Moore, that he made a remark that got me thinking. He said, ‘there's really no such thing as a course on self-development. Everyone finds their own path, their own way.’

Surely, we are placed upon this path at birth? Many of us deviate from it during our lifetime and gradually become increasingly lost until we cannot find our original path. I then began to think of the path as a long, straight road with many turns and forks, leading from one place to another; after all life is just that, a journey from birth to death. Gradually, over the years we become disillusioned with the vastness of the road and get tempted to wander down the side roads of marriage, kids, work and study and slowly get bogged down by life. It is usually when we reach a milestone in our life, such as our thirties or forties, that we start to look back towards the main path and long for more. We start to realise that there is still a lot that we want to do and aim for before we get too old. Regret sets in as does resentment towards people that have tempted us from our original path.

This is where self development steps in. We can learn to let go of those hostile feelings and regain control of our lives. We can be who we want to be, the only thing holding us back is ourselves, not our circumstances. As I said before, I am studying that Sedona method. Why? Because I too am approaching the milestone that I spoke of earlier– my forties. In a couple of years I will have reached a time in my life where I want to be where I always dreamed I would be when I was younger; self-sufficient, successful, happy and free of emotional baggage. I have strayed from the path many times before I found my way back, and now although I am already well on my way with that journey, like everybody else, I still yearn for more.

Just a bit of food for thought.


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