Tuesday, March 21, 2006

An illogical progression

Well, after my last post - which was quite some time ago, some things have happened. First of all, I made some conscious changes to my lifestyle. I resumed walking each day, ate better and got back into better sleep patterns. I had started feeling better, thinking more clearly, and generally felt more productive and happy. But, for reasons unknown to me, I began slipping back into my old ways. I was just too busy to take half an hour off to go for a walk, I couldn't possibly go to bed when there was so much to do...

Very soon, I was back where I started, only now I felt guilty about it having publicly made statements on this blog. I contracted a cold, and have been quite unwell since.

I learned and tried Emotional Freedom Techniques, which definitely helped with the symptoms, but the disease persisted. Ok, I thought, my cold is not based on emotional issues, even though emotions (such as feeling bad about having slipped) could be compromising my immune system. So I did EFT most days, with some relief - I took no medicine or pain-killers the whole time, but I wasn't cured by any stretch of the imagination.

I decided I would make a zapper on my computer. After more than a week of feeling sorry for myself and procrastinating the issue, I finally got to work on it today - it took me less than a half hour to set it up and try it out. Within an hour or so of finishing "zapping", I could feel some changes. I developed a mild fever with a few shivers and had to put on some warmer clothes. As the day went on, my symptoms became less and less, and now, some ten hours later, I am convinced the cold has been beaten. I am just as amazed as I was all those years ago when I built my first zapper (the frequency is different to the last one, but the principle is the same). I'm going to zap daily for at least the rest of the week to make sure it doesn't have a chance to return.

If anyone is interested, I'll post details here on how you can do this for yourself, using just your computer, an amplifier (powered computer speakers would work), some wire and a couple of brass rods.

Alternatively, you might look at purchasing a commercial unit. I've been scouring the web for these and quite a few models are available. I can't endorse any of these, as I haven't tried them. Taking into account theory, testimonials and using some intuition, the Ultimate Zapper looks to be the best on offer, in my opinion. If you wish to research this further, a simple search on Google for Hulda Clarke Zapper will uncover the many available.

If you have any experiences, good or bad, with any of these commercially available units, please add a comment to help others choose. Thanks.

Feeling great, I hope you are too :)

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