Friday, December 02, 2005

Is Immunics the answer?

A group of volunteers is claiming to be able to teach you the ability to cure yourself of diseases ranging from the 'common cold' and influenza to cancer.

According to the web site:

"Immunics is the conscious, immediate, and intentional control of the physiological and psychological aspects of your immune system and the use of your control to do methodical immunological actions that effect cure."

The current tally of reported cures stands at more than 22,000 since June, 2004. Free tutorials are available in video, audio and text format and they say the basic skill can be learned in as little as half an hour - a much larger slice of your time would be required if you were to become serious.

I guess this might be classified as self-administered faith healing. The subconscious mind is so powerful when it believes something without question. I'm sure some would see Immunics as a cult, but what if it works? With the number of cases I've heard about where traditional medicine is letting people down, this could well be worth a shot.

If you're interested in checking it out, you might also like to have a look on the Peak Oil Message Board forum. This is an intelligent and informative debate on Immunics which may make your decision easier, one way or the other.

In the end, as with everything, it will be your choice. The next time I come down with something I find hard to shake, I'll certainly be giving it a try.

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  1. Hey Rob! Don't wait until you come down with something to start doing Immunics -- start now and avoid coming down with anything. I cured herpes, TMJ, insomnia, and lots of other little things with it. I'm currently using it to help me overcome problems I have with money.
    Stay well!