Tuesday, December 13, 2005

In memory of water

A controversial subject which has fascinated me for a long time is the so called memory effect of water. This is the basic fundamental behind the production of homeopathic remedies. In a nutshell, a substance is dissolved vigorously in water so it comes into contact with all (or most of) the water molecules in the solution. A small amount of this solution is then diluted with another measure of water. This process is continued from nine to more than thirty times.

It is hypothesized that after about nine dilutions, not a trace of the original substance remains in the solution (it is just water). However, the theory is that the hydrogen bonds in the water molecules retain a 'memory' and can cause effect as if it were the original substance. Homeopaths also claim that the more this dilution process is carried out, the more potent the effect.

I have seen enough first and second-hand proof with homeopathic remedies to realize that there is definitely something to this theory. Perhaps, and this will really test the sceptics, it also has something to do with our brain's incredible memory processes. After all, the brain comprises more than 90% water, more than any other organ in the body.

If you would like to know more about this fascinating subject, this web site is a good starting point.

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